My Soylent 1.0 First Impressions


I got one month in the mail yesterday courtesy of Ebay and @Jeff_Ex . Everything I’ve seen suggests that you mix some up and let it mellow in the refrigerator overnight, so of course I did exactly the opposite despite the fact that I had just overindulged on Mexican food. I’ll be honest, it was not love at first taste.

Everyone seems to have difficulty nailing down the taste, and for me the closest I’ve come is these Atkins diet bars. Not a great start.

I’ve started the day on a few cups of Soylent and I am glad to report that the taste has improved considerably, though I wouldn’t mistake it for tasty. I’m hoping the taste continues to improve as I grow accustomed to it. There is certainly something to be said for knowing what to expect (ever had coke that you thought was coffee or vice versa?), so I’m excited to see whether the trend continues or if it plateaus. It will also be interesting to see if my body is able to associate Soylent with rich nutrition and adjust my tastes accordingly.

I’d be interested to hear from @vanclute and others whether the taste has continued to improve and how long that trend lasts. Otherwise so far, so good.


LOL yeah, you knew better and still impatience got the better of ya!! :wink: I’d probably have done the same in your shoes.

For me the taste REALLY did improve a ton both after letting it sit & get cold, and also just over time for whatever reason. My taste buds really did seem to go through a “reset period” (we both noticed this actually) and it was maybe day 3 when I just couldn’t get over how delicious it was.

Day 1 wasn’t so good for me largely because like you, I didn’t wait… and I then compounded the problem by trying to fix it with flavoring - which isn’t actually what it needed! Once I left it alone, let it chill, etc. it was “pretty good” on day 2, but around day 3 it just went out of this world, along with nearly everything else. Now almost everything we eat is “the best X I’ve ever had…” and in a few cases things have actually been turned up a little too much. A few spicy dishes that used to be Shannon’s favorites are borderline inedible for her now as they’re way too spicy (and almost nothing has ever been able to be too spicy for her!) So it’s not quite all roses (Moses supposes erroneously).

Will be interesting to hear what you notice the next few days!


I also got a month’s worth delivered last night via some creative bartering. Today is day 1 for me. I did chill overnight after having a little sip and can say that a night of chilling does help. I also agree it’s not what I would consider tasty. I feel like the sucralose taste stays with me. I’ve always hated ‘diet’ soda and sugar-free stuff, so it may be psychological knowing it is in there versus a ‘real’ long-lived after-taste.

I’m still excited about Soylent and also already like how it’s shifting my thinking about food. More to come…


I wonder if this phenomenon is exclusive to Soylent, or if it’s something that has existed with other foods but just hasn’t been documented. It seems like something a person getting their PhD in nutrition might want to do a dissertation on. Is this “reset” period a thing that has existed before Soylent, or is something else at work? Would it happen if I had only Ensure for three days? I’m so curious to know how this works and why people are all saying the same thing. Can this “reset” experience be replicated with other foods or diets?


I had my body composition measured by a nutritionist via a BodPod Saturday to get a baseline before starting Soylent. She’d never heard of Soylent, but I warned her that she would probably hate it. I’m not sure exactly when I’ll go back for a second test, but I’ll ask her if she’s reliably encountered “taste resetting” with other foods. I know an author I read documented a few healthy diet changes and he talked about sugar becoming essentially unpalatable because it was overly sweet, so I suspect this is a “thing”; even if it’s not a well documented thing.


A coworker of mine was doing a bland diet for months at a time (don’t remember the health reason) but he did mention that he started tasting things like he never had–tastes were much more intense. It seems to be a thing indeed.


A friend of mine went on a paleo diet and he also reported a similar phenomenon. So yeah. A thing. Like a banana.


I’ve definitely heard of this! The easiest example is with people that quit drinking soda for an extended period of time. Coming back to it, they often find it overpowering.


It’s weird that I’m not willing to give up diet soda right now in favor of a healthier diet, but I am willing to do that once my Soylent arrives. I’ll give it a full month to see what happens, so I think I’ll mainly only have water in addition. I don’t know why I’d only be willing to do that for Soylent, but not for a generic healthier diet.


I have been drinking 2 cans of ginger ale a day at work for probably the past 6 months to a year. My major reason is because while I drink water too, I get tired of only drinking flavorless things during the day. I’ve had only one can of ginger ale since I started my DIY 9 days ago (and that was because my stomach was a little upset for some reason, (I have theories which involve raw milk and temperature)). For me, drinking soylent apparently ticks off the “drinks something with flavor” box and I don’t crave the soda. Then when I’m thirsty I drink water and am satisfied.


I don’t find that odd at all. Tim Ferriss, who coincidentally introduced me to Soylent, talks about the importance of setting big goals and how that affects what you are willing to do to attain them. I believe the quote is something like:

“I’ll run through walls to get a two week trip to Venice, but I probably won’t change my breakfast cereal for a weekend in Columbus.”

All that is to say, I think it makes total sense that you aren’t motivated to get the marginal benefit of reducing sugar intake via sodas in a vacuum, but you have no reservation about giving up the same thing as part of an experiment that could revolutionize your relationship to food.


Yeah that makes a lot of sense to me. Soylent is something very new and very “weird” to most people, and so I of all people (as someone who is basically unwilling to do anything new or different when it comes to food) would have probably been seen as “least likely to try Soylent.” But because I saw exactly what you just described - a potential to revolutionize my relationship to food - I went out on what is for me a very uncomfortable limb.


I’m still waiting for my order, but this is the scariest thing I’ve read yet. Even when I see people saying it tastes like “cardboard” or “gritty pancake batter” it doesn’t bother me. I’m still dying to get mine.

But seeing someone say it tastes like an Atkins Bar absolutely freaks me out. I can’t stand those things and now I’m worried about what it will taste like.

I’m sure it will be fine, but still…


I’ve seen so many wildly different descriptions of the taste, I’m convinced that it’s almost universally unique. I think you’re just going to have to come to your own conclusion on what it tastes like for you! :smile:


I would say something like “well your Soylent tends to vary from person to person”, but at this point I might just get shot…



Hmmmm… I think there’s a joke in there somewhere, but I’m afraid it’s gone over my head. Is it worth explaining?


My god, what if the secret ingredient is people?
No, there’s already a soda like that - Soylent Cola.
Oh… How is it?
Eh. It varies from person to person.

Is it made of people? Soylent Green's made of people

Oh. My. Gawd.

If I wasn’t so awake in the mornings now, I’d go crawl back into bed. Well played. LOL


I went a few years without drinking any soft drinks (really). I had Coca-Cola and it basically tasted like liquid cake to me. Incredibly, incredibly sweet. I think your brain modulates taste.


Can I ask where you were able to use the BodPod? I checked their website and there is one location near me but it is a university and I can’t find any info on whether they are open to the public. I did email them to see if I could get some info but figured I’d also ask you how you were able to use one.