My Soylent formed 3 layers of water-Soylent-water

Mildly Interesting

Is this yours, starrychloe? Did it settle that way?

To me it looks like there was water added, then the powder, then more water. (…and no shaking yet.)

Yep, mine looks like that sometimes. If you add the top layer of water gently it tends to separate less.

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Wow. It looks like you didn’t even shake it. I use an immersion blender and pretty much don’t have any dry patches on the sides. V1.5 seemed a tiny bit harder to get mixed up but I might be imagining that.

That’s pre-shaking. Add water, add Soylent, add water.

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Yes, it’s mine. It did not settle yet. I did not shake it yet. Yes I add water first so it doesn’t stick to the bottom (seems to be a worse problem for <= 1.3).

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I probably shouldn’t say this since I have to preface this way, but…

No offense intended, but how is this even mildly interesting?


It looks like you’re almost done making a pitcher of Soylent. I know some people make frequent status-update videos, but this is ridiculous.



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I expected a solid to fall to the bottom of the water, not float on top.

It’s perfect for a tall pitcher.