My Soylent formula for bodybuilding, what do you think?


Hi fellow soylent users,
I would appreciate any kind of feedback or critique on my current soylent formula. The main differences in my formula is increased protein, zinc, magnesium dosage and added creatine and Alpha GPC. The main reason behind the tweaks is to facilitate a muscle growth process. I have already been taking this formula for couple of days, however I still do eat solid food from time to time (ofc I consume less soylent on those days). In my case its all about the convenience.




Hi again Jozef! :smiley:

You should be careful with increasing minerals, especially magnesium - even slight overdoses of 200-300mg (like yours) can cause severe digestion problems.
In some other things you seem to be a bit low, specifically copper (quite important) and Vitamin K.

Other than that, you just need to make sure you calculate ratios correctly, that is not visible in your spreadsheet. For example, Potassium Gluconate is not 100% Potassium - for 3g of Potassium you need about 20g of Potassium Gluconate.
Have you taken that into account?



If you’re bodybuilding, and taking a multivitamin, maybe you could look into one like Optimum Nutrition Men’s Multi or Solgar V2000 that are popular with body builders? That looks pretty low in some things like B-complex vitamins and what Ben mentioned.

Also, your macros look out of whack. Only 16% of your calories are coming from fat? I’d consider bumping that up with coconut oil by a lot and dropping the carbs. You might also look into waxy maize starch for some of the calories.


Although it looks fine from a glance (although I’m not familiar from specific nutrient GDAs and i highly recommend you check the upper limit to which certain ones can be taken to avoid a trip to the A&E ward…), make sure you’re getting enough calories from your food, to ensure you have the energy requirements for bodybuilding. I plan on using other food to supplement Soylent for this reason. Also, you only list using Maltodextrin as a carbohydrate, it’s been listed in quite a few other threads that a low GI carbohydrate should be used in equal measure, such as oats, to balance fast and slow releasing carbohydrates.


Highly appreciate all the responses.
I’ve already been looking into the possibilities of incorporating oats as I need a slower

That’s a great idea, I will look into multis for Men, those should suit my needs better. Coconut oil in on the way it’s just taking forever to be delivered. I’m thinking of going half olive/half coconut oil to increase saturated fats. But I’m not planning on increasing my overall fat intake as this is more of a cutting than bulking diet. I will be slowly decreasing the intake of carbs to 300g a day once I’m fully cutting.

Hey Ben! You truly are an ambassador of soylent. Thanks for advice I’m gonna try to tackle the low intake of copper and vitamin K by switching to another multivitamin once I’m out of the current one. I also need to clarify the potassium dosage in my formula, thanks for pointing that out.

Other than that, I’ve been overdosing magnesium and zinc before and haven’t had any digestion problems, I’ll keep you posted if I do. Also keep in mind I’m not eating solyent exclusively I tend to have solid food dinners. It’s all about convenience.


I have been using a similar recipe for about 1.5 months. (
I feel much better than I did while eating a “normal diet”. This is a much quicker and easier way to get the ~2800 cals I need to maintain weight. I have become concerned that my main source of carbs is coming from maltodextrin, although I do get around 80g from oat powder. I like the suggestion to add waxy maize which is something I will be doing. What is the benefit of adding Coconut Oil? One notable thing I changed from the above mentioned recipe is the subtraction of the recommended fiber additive and the addition of ground hemp seeds.