My soylent formula, Reveiw?


Hi everyone I just finished making my 3rd draft of my soylent formula and I figured I should put it up for review here before I try it.


I’m pretty new here and I’m not very knowledgeable on nutrition, but it looks good to me. I’m impressed with your iron and manganese levels, those two always creep up on me and force me to re-plan. Is there a reason you chose apple fiber over the cheaper psyllium husk? How are you planning on measuring out the sub-gram ingredients? I’ve been looking at buying a scale. The one I’m interested in can measure in increments of 0.01 grams, but it’s accuracy is +/-0.02 grams. Accurately measuring 1 mg seems like it would be a pain.


On the apple fiber I picked to because it had a better soluble to insoluble fiber ratio 25% soluble and 75% insoluble. I am not sure if this really matters but as psyllium husk is a laxative I believe and I didn’t feel like messing around with that very much. as for measuring out sub gram ingredients, there is a method, I can’t remember where I saw it, but essentially you measure out a larger amount that your scale is accurate to lay it our in a even row and divide up the row. Unsure if that is the best way to do it or not.


Oh and with the iron levels there should be a little bit more are my protein contains some, as for manganese levels if you use oat flour it has a significantly higher amount of manganese then buckwheat flour.


(1) Any reason your calcium is at 50%?

(2) You have a lot of protein. High levels of protein, over the long haul, can increase the risk of chronic diseases. If you’re working out, it might make sense to take these levels of protein in a way that is timed to coincide with your workout. But I think putting it in your soylent might not be recommended, unless you have some other specific reason.

Looks good otherwise!


The technique you describe could work well, but be carefull you have a clean working area and a way to get the exact amounts of powder of your table and into a container.
A second technique is to measure out a multiple of one dosage, say ten, and mix this in with another powder that you can measure precisely, like your protein powder. If mixed consistently, you should get a near average dosage daily. Maybe you should google a video explanation of this, though… reading back my english always sounds less clear than I would like :frowning:


@Rick I couldn’t tell english wasn’t your native language. I think the method you mention would work good for the ascorbic acid (40 mg), but 1 mg (potassium iodate) would make me nervous (if going for accuracy). I guess that depends on the accuracy of the scale though.


Wow I did not notice my calcium, and for protein I reduced it down to ~90g. Also with the calcium I believe that my protein source has calcium but I will bump it to be on the safe side.


do you have a source on number 2?


@schulte257: I’m glad you asked this, because it looks like I was remembering my facts wrong. I was thinking of the following two studies:

Both of these were large (tens of thousands of subjects), long-term (ten years) studies which found that a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet resulted in increased mortality. However, this doesn’t necessarily say anything about diets that are simply high-protein, or simply low-carbohydrate. I was misremembering.

(Incidentally, just thinking off the cuff here, low-carb+high-protein sounds like a lot of meat and dairy to me, and the results could have been due to something about the consumption of lots of meat and dairy, rather than to the low carb and high protein intake per se.)


Interesting, I think I will keep my protein there and slowly bump it up to 100g if I don’t have any problems with the 90


Yeh thats my thought too. Gotta be careful with all thise correlations. They have studies out now showing that the old common sense “sodium is bad for your heart” might be wrong, diets high in sodium are usually high in fat and sugar and low in fiber…


I made some changes and I am getting ready to order everything, I am not sure what changes I made, but take a look make sure I haven’t messed anything up. Oh and I know the nutrition info for the protein isn’t complete.