My Soylent is here!


I had a couple of requests for pictures to drool over, however, I’m new, so I can’t post pictures.

So, here is a link!

I’ll add a couple more, too…


I hate you…

actually congrats

I haven’t even gotten a shipping notice for my starter kit yet and I have 2 months of Regular Soylent on order


Is this what 4 weeks looks like?

Soda can for scale pls


Out of curiosity, what were the details of your order? (IE vegan? months? time placed?)


Here is the set of photos:

This is a two month supply. It came in two large boxes, (one in pictures) made up of 4 smaller boxes, containing 7 444 g pouches each. It says it contains oil, but, that’s for the non-vegans. Unfortunately, I had already broken down one of the big boxes before I took these shots.

Green pitcher and metal scoop arrived a few days ago.


Added one to the set, just pour toi. (It’s suddenly stopping me from putting links in… damn new user restrictions.)


I would like to point out that it’s the first time in my LIFE that it has ever been an advantage to order Vegan!


Thanks for posting the great pics Meekthegeek, you’re the man!


I’m the woman! /:0) AND, you’re welcome.


Vegan, two months, I’m looking for my order date, I think it was May 28th.
(I’m just replying all over the place now.) /:0)


Woops, I stand corrected, you’re the woman!!

And if I got my Soylent on the first day, I’d be geeking out and posting the pics here too, lol!


Care to give us a taste test ? How does it feel, how does it smell and how does it taste! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for showing the pictures!!


can you reply with taste? were you on diy before this? and how it compared to your diy


Just made my first batch and I’m so pleased!

I used flaxseed oil for my vegan version and ended up using a blender, after failing to combine everything well enough by shaking. I highly recommend a blender! The next batch, I’m going to use some ice as well as water, as they suggest.

I can’t even taste the Flaxseed oil and the Soylent itself is not sweet (which I was worried about) and has a nice texture. I have tried a lot of “meal replacement” crap and it’s all too sweet – such a huge improvement!

And it SMELLS good, too! (BTW, the pouches are high quality and resealable, so you can make a lot of small batches easily.)


Ahh more pictures, and a review, nice Meek!


Could you elaborate a bit on this ?? Does it taste like something or smell like anything? I’m just curious after the reviewer said it smelled and tasted of a vanilla malt shakes he had years back. :stuck_out_tongue:

I did see someone post saying to do about half a glass/container and shake the mixture to where it was all the way mixed, add more water and shake more and then add oil and shake even more. If the oil touches anything dry it tends to clump. :smile:


I noticed you were using Flax seed oil for the Omega 3 I presume. While Flax does have Omega 3 in it, it is in the form of ALA, which has an extremely poor conversion rate to DHA and EPA. I hope you take this into consideration for your mixture. You might want to take a look at algae derived Omega 3.


I see the instructions say to consume refrigerated Soylent within 2 days of mixing. Do they say how long a pouch of dry Soylent will keep once it’s opened?


Thanks for the suggestion! This was an easy buy to try it out today, but I am definitely going to look into better substitutions.


Vanilla is a good comparison. A very mild vanilla.