My Soylent is here!


Can you give us a very general idea of where you are? I’m guessing Southern California, which is where I believe it’s shipping from.

I started a thread to track when people are getting shipments, would you do me the honor of being the first post?


Happy to tackle that when I get home today, but of course, I already opened one of my boxes and tossed it. Perhaps there will be more announcements by then, too!

Quick clarification – I live just mins from the SFO airport and often receive things extra quickly.

Sadly @Jungroth this is my last post for 24 hours. (New user restrictions.) Sorry, will tackle it tomorrow.


I also just received my shipment. I’ll be taking NutriGold’s “Triple Strength Omega-3 Gold” formula for Omega3 (1250mg) / DHA (250mg) / EPA (750mg), maybe 2 of those a day.


Just ordered that myself! /:0)

  1. How many weeks.
    Total of 6 weeks.
  2. Vegan or not.
    Non Vegan
  3. Optional:
    When you ordered.
    03/20/2014 and 04/25/2014
  4. Approximately where you are in the country.
    South Bay Area, California