My soylent is shipping - but it's the wrong amount


@JulioMiles I was e-mailed a FedEx shipping label today, but in the e-mail it states that it is a one week supply rather than a one month supply.

I immediately replied to the e-mail, but it says to give it 5-7 days. Given my last issue with your e-mail system, I figured it would be quicker to post again.

Can you look into this for me?


Thanks for the heads-up, looking into the issue now.


Awesome. Thanks.

Also, does this mean the backer kit is on its way? I haven’t seen anything on it.


@JulioMiles Is there any update to this?


Hey @soylenter – your remaining Soylent and starter kit will be overnighted tomorrow. Thanks for your patience and support!


I just got the shipment notifications for both. I am so stoked! Thanks!