My Soylent Journey from the Midwest


Been a lurker since the beginning and one of the original 3 month backers who signed up with Rob. I have been waiting patiently yet eagerly for my supply to come in, and this past Wednesday, I struck gold :smile: I really wasn’t planning on blogging my experience but have decided to include a bit about my experiences because, frankly, I’m struggling a bit to keep going. Lack of will power most likely but figured a community of people on the same path could help!

A little bit about me before I start this log. 5’10", started around 167 lbs. Physically active with 5 - 7 days of exercise a week. Body fat measured around 18.8% when I checked about three days prior to starting. Too much a fan of alcohol. Drink nightly. My goals with Soylent are to eat healthier than I ever have, lose some of the body fat (goal would be 8 - 12%) and build muscle. My weakness in working out is my diet so Soylent seemed to offer a promise I couldn’t pass up. I plan to supplement my Soylent with Isopure Zero Carb Protein powder (3 scoops, accounts for approximately 75g additional protein). I feel the carb / protein / fat ratio presented in Soylent is weighted too heavily in the carbs and wanted to add some protein to counter that. Alright, I think that’s a good filler on my background. Let’s start.

Day 1 - May 22: My first official day on Soylent. This day was the easiest, probably because I was so extremely excited to start. I prepared my batch the evening before, left it in the fridge and this morning, filled a glass. I never fill more than 8 - 12 ounces because I want it to last all day and figure smaller meals are better than three larger ones. This glass was followed up with 2 eggs approximately 2 hours later, and then subsequently small glasses of Soylent for the rest of the day in 2 / 3 hour intervals. Most glasses were supplemented with some protein powder. By the end of the day, I had approximately 8 ounces of Soylent left. Less than I intended with the protein powder and egg additions. End of the day, I avoided alcohol and was tired early. Hit the sack and slept fine.

Day 2 - May 23: Pretty much the same as day 1, but no excitement for “eating”. In fact, dreading it. After I finish my meals, I always feel fine, but walking to the fridge to get another glass is like meh. Went to a restaurant with my friend for lunch and had a side salad and diet soda. Awesome. Soylent and protein for the rest of day. Had two beers at the end of the day along with several mixed drinks. Finding that I’m not feeling satiated with Soylent at all. Ended the day with approx. 16 ounces of Soylent left over.

Day 3 - May 24: Started off strong, down hill at the end of day. I just couldn’t make the whole day on only Soylent. 9:30 pm roles around and I must have food. Had two bratwursts. So very good and satisfying. Haven’t felt contented in my stomach for nearly three days until now.

I have worked out on each of these past three days and have not felt any extra energy, but conversely also no less energy. Glad to see consistency but was hoping for that boost that others spoke of.

So those are my struggles, feeling full, the desire for real food, and the dread to actually eat. I have read other comments about making it to day 5 and these go away plus I guess I can take solace in the fact that I haven’t actually eaten anything particularly significant. We’ll see where we go from here. I’ll keep updating this post with additional days if people are interested.


Are you getting enough calories? Maybe you need more than just a single days worth of Soylent a day.

Are you feeling full after your glass of Soylent? If not, I’d think to drink more or eat something else if you don’t want more Soylent.

Or perhaps having a more diverse diet with Soylent instead of mostly Soylent at first.

Interested to see how things go for you and hope you figure something out that works for you :slight_smile:

Edit: I don’t have personal experience with S/soylent. Just using info I’ve heard from other people.


So happy for you that you’ve received your Soylent. At 5’10", 167 lbs I wouldn’t worry about eating food other than Soylent. According to Rob Rhinehart, Soylent wasn’t meant for that anyway. Use it to increase your healthy intake while choosing high-quality foods to go along with it is what I’d suggest.[quote=“JoshRightOne, post:1, topic:13615”]
My goals with Soylent are to eat healthier than I ever have,

If you drink Soylent in place of those insignificant meals and enjoy healthy foods every so often, I think you’re going to be healthy and happy. Plus, the more Soylent you drink, the less you’ll want the unhealthy stuff.

All this to say, you are not failing; you are on your way to being the healthiest you’ve ever been. Just keep experimenting and working out the details and you’ll be fine. Also, stick around here with the rest of us Soylenters so you can encourage all of us who want to be where you are. Congrats, again, on “striking gold.” I can hardly wait to join you!


If you don’t like it, no problem, I will buy it from you. Contact me with PM.


I’m on DIY but I get where you are coming from. What is working for me is replacing one meal a day and eating fruit/veg along with my soylent.

So my lunch break is a half hour. I take sips of soylent on every five minute mark and in between I eat baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, etc. It satisfies my need for chewing and flavor, keeps me from chugging, and the soylent makes me feel full.

*** It did take several days for me to register the “full of soylent” feeling as “full”. It is a different sensation I am still adjusting to.

Hang in there, but maybe at a more moderate pace of integrating it into your diet.


Thanks for sharing. Its always good to hear a wide variety of experiences. I’m at the same height and weight as you are, but without the exercise, and alcohol. It is interesting that its not really hitting your need for food, do you know what your calorie intake was around before you started? What types of food did you eat?


I would guess it would take more than 3 days for the body to adjust. I also dont agree with consuming only Soylent, at least not in the beginning. I plan to consume it once a day and start off slow. I’m prepared for still feeling somewhat hungry or not lasting enough after drinking the Soylent but we’ll see. Eat healthy snacks to fill the gaps for now.


Yeah there’s really no reason to go cold-turkey 100% Soylent, and it would probably really frustrate people who genuinely like food. I say start off by replacing any meal you normal skip or that tends to be very imbalanced. Then gradually you may find yourself turning to it more and more as you just plain feel better with it in your system.