My Soylent recipe critique welcome


Hi Guys I have just finished my Soylent recipe it is largely based off the EU RDA for vitamins and minerals the carbs protein fat and calories have been adjusted to meet my needs as I intend to take Soylent while weight training so they roughly follow the standard 40/40/20 bodybuilding macro split.

The recipe can be found here

Its still a WIP I need to work out costings ETC but feel free to take a look and let me know what you think.




Nice stuff. I am especially entertained to see a recipe including milk as I have been considering that as I really like milk. :smile:

A few random thoughts…

  1. You might consider Whey Isolate instead of Whey Protein. It’s a little more expensive, but not dramatically so.
  2. You can get MSM Powder from for about half the cost. You then do have to measure it out yourself.
  3. The same is true regarding Choline. I am using Choline Bitartate from Bulk Powders and find it, amusingly, quite sweet.
  4. While I don’t remember my source of info exactly, I read somewhere that Oak Powder has 177.5mg of Magnesium per 100g of Oat Powder. I think that was from somewhere in this forum, but can’t find the link at the moment. Anyhow, your 200g of Oat Powder should provide you all the Magnesium you need.

Anyhow, thanks for sharing. Here’s a link to my formula, if you are interested…


Thanks Capt, I’m currently reworking my recipe I’ve got a much better fit on my Fat, protein, carbs and calories by switching to skimmed milk and adding olive oil.

I’ll see if i can find the link regarding magnesium in oats should drop the cost a little.

Thanks for the links I’ll make sure to include them in my new spreadsheet when I add the costings.

I’ll upload when I’m done with v2 probably after I get home from work.


Hey Rincewind, you can check for some nutritional data for Oats though who knows if it’s right or not. I could only find one other source that had a full rundown of what was in it and it seems to vary a bit. Oats certainly do have a fair bit more in them than just carbs.


What’s the advantage to using whey isolate over whey protein, unless you’re extremely lactose intolerant?