My Soylent recipe , looking for it to be torn to shreds



Am trying to develop a complete and cheap soylent recipe and this is what I’ve finalized on.

Few things I’m concerned about:

  • Some of the percentages of RDA are in the thousands , e.g Vit B12 , however this is from the serving portion of the multivitamin. This bad or fine?

-Looking to up the Calcium percentage, considering adding Calcium Carbonate but would rather have a more cost effective method where I add up some others as well instead of just shelling out for one micro-nutrient.

  • I want to make it taste like a sweet banana milkshake , thinking Xylitol or Stevia plus a milkshake powder that won’t be unhealthy to consume everyday (not sure if such a thing is possible)

Thanks…be brutal


Can’t devote a lot of time to reviewing, but here’s what I see:

Potassium Chloride - I’m pretty sure it’s not a 50/50 split. Not sure, but I don’t think 5g of it gives 2.5g of Potassium and 2.5g of Chloride. Something about molar size, or filler or absorption rates.
Niacin - Way over the limit UL, I would seriously consider taking fewer of those pills.
Pills - For that matter, how are you sure of the contents of the pills? I assume you have the bottle in hand, but I don’t see the nutrition label on Amazon.
Omega 3 - Consider adding in some fish oil (liquid or capsules) which would give some ideal forms (DHA/EPA) or otherwise some Flaxseeds (or oil) which provides at least the ALA form of Omega 3.

That’s what I see at a quick pass.


potassium chloride 52.445%(potassium)
1g salt=690mg(Potassium Chloride)300mg (Natrium Chloride)
690mg pcl=361mg Po & 328mg Ch

Natrium chloride 39.337%(Natrium)
1g salt=690mg(Potasium Chloride)300mg (Natrium Chloride)
300mg=118.011mg(Natrium) 181.989mg(Chloride)

1g= 509.989mg Chloride
361mg Potassium
118.011mg Natrium
5mcg Jod

this is with ionized salt


There’s the supplement facts for the multivitamins.

Found a thread on Reddit about Niacin levels , seems to be fine.

Yeah i’m going to take a cod liver oil cap along side it.

Sorry Myarter I’m unclear on what you mean, are you confirming that the ratio is about 50/50 for the potassium chloride? and I havent used Ionized salt.

Maybe I should just swap out the Multivit for a different one as it’s just jacking up the Vits but not the minerals. More than 5000% of Vitamin B12 can’t be great longterm


Niacin will probably be okay (eventually), but if you feel like you are having a heart attack/dying/or having an allergic reaction… you either might about to die or you might be having a reaction to the niacin. It can be decidedly unpleasant. You can get used to it, and with time it can take more and more niacin to trigger the reaction.

Clearly you are light on a number of nutrients and it looks horrible in terms of taste, mixablity, and stability at room temperatures. I’m not so worried about the things you are light in as you might be able to make them up from missing values in your other nutrients… but it does look a little daunting.

You are light on Omega 3s and 6s and the butter probably doesn’t help that at all. It looks like you are trying to stay cheap, but if you aren’t I like hulled hemp seeds (also called hemp hearts) for that. Others like Flax, soybean, or canola oil. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again … the Masa values are wrong for the B vitamins at least. Your oats and pea protien almost certainly have potassium in them. You are getting almost all of your counter potassium directly from a potassium salt… which can be risky in that it can throw your sodium potassium balance off with potentially severe consequences. So, I’d at least recommend that you slowly ease yourself into their recipe. At least your sodium is a bit high, that should help partially offset things.

The B12 being high is probably okay. I don’t think it is great to get nutrients (especially Calcium) from supplements… but to each their own.

Artificial sweeteners can be a problem because your body can trigger an “I ate sugar” response when there was none. I don’t know… mix a small batch and see how bad it looks/tastes?