My Soylent tastes good but is powdery - what's your texture like?


I hit Rob’s Recomendation nutrient profile for the macros then i just add a pinch of multivitamin powder, a pinch of electrolyte powder and the last two times added pinch of ground parsley and sometimes tiny amount of fish oil for micronutrients. I haven’t added any fiber to it yet. - I haven’t got yet or added all those micronutrient powders or done the exact amounts - the explanation why is in the notes on that recipe.

I put the powders into the blender first and then add three large shot glasses of (cold) water. I then blend using the standard knife blade for like 3 mins or more until it has no air bubbles at all and looks a bit like cake batter (I’ve used chocolate cookie flavour whey protein). Then I add the olive oil and blend again for however long I think until it’s mixed in. Then I pour it into a glass put it in the fridge because I read if it’s chilled it tastes better and it’s kind of a not nice luke warm after it’s been blended. I drink it after idk an hour or half an hour or two hours after putting it in the fridge. If you leave i the next day it gets a hard shell on top and generally goes really airy. Perhaps not if I put it in a sealed container. Meh it hasn’t been good enough for me to care about that yet and want to go full soylent anyway.

It runs as viscous as cake batter and when you pour it into a cup when it hits itself it’s like cake batter rather than a liquid - it almost has a metallic ish look to it and is beige. Anyway it’s texture in the mouth leaves a kind of powderiness that ultimately makes it not good enough. When I used oats (even when heated) it was way worse than now - I’ve tried the waxy maize starch now. Dextrose is bad it tastes so… like you’re drinking of one of those dextrose tablets. The main thing is that it literally gives me pains in my stomach not unbearable and no other effects but it’s like my stomachs digesting it badly the pains are only one offs ie for one or two gulps of it i’ll have one or two pains however before sleeping i noticed when breathing out there’d be the same sensation internally around my whole stomach before exhaling. Taste wise I’ve got it fine if not great (vanilla will be amazing) and the texture on your lips is non threatening too because it’s like cake batter. I have a feeling it’s just one change away from being like liquid marshmallow - if the powdery went.

What happens if you add boiling water to powders scientifically does it break the molecules to much? What about boiling water and olive oil? Does your soylent have a slightly powdery after taste too? Just add what yours is like (if you’re using powders etc).


This may be the obvious suggestion, but perhaps consider a higher proportion of water? It sounds like a thick mix might actually be your intent, but it would be worth checking into whether the consistency is contributing to the stomach discomfort.


I agree. Either water it down or spread it across the whole day.


Yeah the one time I actually used a lot of water I didn’t leave it to blend for as long as the shots times so I should have made the testing equal. I’ll first try it with fiber added - tomorrow i’ll have that ingredient. Then I’ll try the more water equal blending time. What’s your (and anyone else reading this’s) soylent texture like?


I’ve found that a thicker consistency is not as enjoyable to me. I’ve got a milk recipe ( ) that defaults to the texture of a thick milkshake. But I still add a bunch of water to until I get it to the consistency I like. At first I didn’t want to, because it had this nice thick, creamy texture. But I put enough water in now to bring it back to about the thickness of whole milk, and I’ve enjoyed it very much since.


My situation is pretty much word-for-word what @Defender said.