My soylent turned purple....?


i made some soylent and left it in the fridge over night for the first time. i don’t have all the ingredients yet. main ingredients were maltodextrin, scottish oats, olive oil, psyllium husks, and water.

the next day the stuff had these areas that had nothing “floating” in them and they were purple. i blended it again and it’s all kinda purple-ish now. why is that? is it bad? normal?

the stuff also foamed a lot when i first blended it. and the foam stayed for a pretty long time.

i used half of the oats and maltodexdrin as usual this time, to see what a lower carb soylent tastes like


Well, what are the other ingredients?


whey protein isolate and salt. that’s it


Microbes are the only explanation I can think of. Does it smell OK?


yes “Post must be at least 20 characters long.” :stuck_out_tongue:


now that’s curious. Any pictures? Can you reproduce it if you follow the same procedure again? links for the exact ingredients?


i don’t have links for the salt or the olive oil, the rest was all from

i’m gonna try the same recipe again and take pictures if it happens again.


I’ve seen similar effects with raw yeast, which turned purple in the fridge overnight.


Did it look like mine?

This is my Chocolate Rye Soylent. These are both taken after sitting in the fridge overnight - I just assumed it was the probiotics that I add.

This is after being watered down first - all the Rye sediment falls to the bottom and the purple spots only appear there.


Most certainly it’s the probiotics - they like it in there and start multiplying :wink:
I don’t know if this could be harmful, but I guess you could just take them separately.


strain the liquid and sell it to yuppies as “soylent kambucha”


Yeah that’s what I thought, but I have no complaints. I can’t taste a difference except that it generally tastes better after soaking, and they’re PRO biotics (I want them to multiply and they are hopefully doing this in my GI tract anyway).

It doesn’t sound like @Matthias is using probiotics, though, so I found it curious that he’s describing the same thing I’m seeing.


it didnt. in mine, there were bigger areas of clear, purple liquid.

i made another batch and left it in the fridge over night (was only one night last time too), used the same recipe. but it didnt turn purple this time.


That sounds so odd… and a little gross. If you can repeat it, take pictures!


Ok, so this ISN’T the probiotics. I made a batch with the probiotics taken separately to confirm, and they still showed up. So on my batch for today I looked closely and realized that my cocoa powder isn’t mixing perfectly. There are little pockets of cocoa powder that don’t dissolve until it sits for a while, creating little bubbles of chocolate.


happened again. here’s a picture:

didn’t happen with the last one. this one is almost 24 hours old.


Do you cover it when it’s in your fridge or do you just leave it open?


heh, hadn’t been visiting this place in a while, and when i just came back here, “my” old thread was near the top. quite a surprise.

i always covered it. haven’t made any for a while now.