♫ My Soylent Will Come, Tomorrow ♫ (From Soylent - The Musical)


​My Soylent will come, tomorrow
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow
It will come

Just thinkin’ about, tomorrow
Drinking Soylent from my Blender Bottle
’Till there’s none

When I dream of a shake that’s beige and malty
How I wish I could make that shake today!

My Soylent will come, tomorrow
So I’ve gotta hang on 'till tomorrow
Come what may!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow
You’re always a day away!


Happy to hear this! Can’t wait to hear about your experience.


Me too…however, as Annie says in the end of her song, "Tomorrow, you’re always a day away."
So, it seems, it is with my Soylent. …Sigh… But one day… :slight_smile:


One day more!
Another day, another destiny.
This never-ending wait for my Soylent
That maybe it will come this time
And free my dull dull life
One day more!


Les Miz!!! Nicely done! :smile:


Yep Yep! :stuck_out_tongue: I love les Miz,