My Subscription Moved to 2015, Check Yours


Just checked my subscription as its been 28 weeks since my last shipment arrived and I hadn’t gotten charged or anything. Turns out, some bug in the system moved my next shipment date to January 2015! I urge you to check your sub, to make sure the date didn’t get moved on yours too.

@JulioMiles @MattCauble is this a known issue? What can I do to make sure to get my Soylent asap, as my current supply is starting to run low.

Official Soylent Shipping/Fulfillment Thread [updated 8/8]

Mine says the same thing. My first subscription order was shipped on 7/2. If it was based on every 28 days than I should have had another shipment yesterday.

It’s not a big deal for me right now because when I signed up for the subscription they sent it quicker than I expected so I didn’t start using it right away. Plus, I only eat about 1500 calories of Soylent a day so 28 days will last me 35 days.

But this is still a problem that needs to be addressed if they want to make sure that reorders/subscriptions are being processed in a timely manor.

I do remember that the update, about the shipping stoppage and the new inserts, said all orders after 7/30 would have the new inserts. So it could be that they are making changes and changed the dates in the portal to stop any shipments until they get the new inserts up and running.

In the past they have used this 2015 date as a place holder to make sure that subscriptions didn’t get shipped until original orders were received.


Hey there,

Do you use the same email address to place your subscription? Our system checks crowdtilt email orders with the emails of new orders to see if we need to add them to the re-order queue.


Mine is a subscription where I have already received the first (subscription) order (second should have shipped by now). Yes, I use the same email and my subscription is already confirmed.

Thank you for subscribing to Soylent!

Your subscription details are:

Plan : Soylent - 28 Bags / Month

We will not be charging your card again until after your first Soylent subscription delivery has been made.

Shipping estimates:

  • New customers: 10-12 weeks after order placed
  • Existing customers who have received their first Soylent orders: 1-2 weeks
  • Existing customers who have not received their first Soylent orders: 1-2 weeks after first Soylent order is received

Please keep this email for your records. If you have any questions, please contact us.

This is the email from June 28th. My first subscription order was shipped on 7/2.


That is also true for me too, but I have recieved 2 subscription orders so far (June & July)


If any of you would like to sell your surplus at cost plus shipping, PM me. I placed my subscription order on May 8th which would have been shipping any day now according to the original projections. Apparently I now have to wait an additional 8-10 weeks.


Ack! Same here… just checked Chargebee and it says:

Your next billing is on 01-Jan-2015.

That’s not good. What do we need to do about this if anything? (oh and yes same email address since back in the crowdtilt days, have not received a reorder yet via subscription, only the initial order.)


I just got my first shipment today and I placed a re-order a while back. Can someone please confirm my re-orders are setup properly?


After looking into this further, you should still receive your re-orders in a timely fashion. We need to update our subscription billing to have the subscribers (like you) that are currently active to be billed now when shipments go out.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.



Are subscription shipments being held up? I got a “Your Soylent has shipped!” e-mail on the 24th, that included a tracking number. It hasn’t been handed off to FedEx yet, though. I’m down to three days left. :frowning:


I’m looking into this now. I will update you shortly.


I see that your order didn’t go out for whatever reason. We are overnighting your months worth so that you get it Friday.

Sorry and thank you for letting us know about this.



Does this apply to my order as well. If we are going by the 28 days, they my order should have shipped already.


Indeed, my last shipment was sent out on the 2nd. Going by 28 days my order should have shipped yesterday. While a 1-2 day delay wouldn’t be awful, it being delayed past Friday would be a bummer.


@casssax @Daiceman both your shipments will be sent out tomorrow. There are still some bugs in our subscription activation/renewal system, thanks for bearing with us!

Subscription Issue

Lurker piping up; Mine was 2015 earlier, and while it still is, I got my shipment email/tracking # just now in the mail. =)


Just a heads up, I haven’t received a shipping email and the portal site is not changed.


@MattCauble @JulioMiles


Overnighting your shipment Monday and changing your billing date to start 8/4. I’m really sorry and we are working this weekend on a better system.


Wow… do you really think a) a statement like that is appropriate here and b) you can compare your Soylent being late to such a horrible thing?


A) no its not B) yes…i can compare anything to anything as long as there is a correlation. i never said it was AS BAD as that thing…i said it was LIKE that thing…which it is in that you’re being thanked for allowing a thing to happen to you without your choosing that thing in the first place.

i tried avoiding the forums for a while and not thinking about the delays thought it would make the time pass faster…guess the frustration just built up as i ready myself to make my DIY for the month. I came back on started reading the forums and just got heated i guess…though if you really look at my statement i didnt bring up anything graphic or insulting…but ok i get it…

now that im in a more normal state i thought of a better comparison thats a little more on topic…its like being on your first day of soylent in an elevator with someone in a tall building…letting out a dense oat flour and sulfer fart…turning to the person standing next to you and saying…“thank you for bearing with me…im on a new diet”

have a good day all…sorry if i truly offended anyone (like on a for real making you feel uncomfortable type of thing)