My theory on Soylent negativity


My partner and I were discussing this earlier as she was surfing teh interwebz about Soylent. She was astounded at all the horrible negativity about the product, the concept, etc. and all the vitriol around what people choose to eat (or not eat) or how they spend their time (not wanting to spend time preparing/dealing with food, etc.) Suddenly, I had a moment of clarity. The following is of course strictly my opinion, I could be wrong, your mileage may vary, void where prohibited, sorry Tennessee!

The whole “foodie” movement has become a massive force in (at least American) modern society, and in my opinion has romanticized food to absurd levels. Soylent, unlike other “meal replacement” or “diet” shakes that are designed only for occasional use, is demonstrating that true nutrition is a function of chemistry, and has nothing to do with their home-grown, pesticide-free, non-GMO, free-range lettuce or tomatoes. Nutrition is really just that - chemistry. It is a science, and is not romantic nor is it political. I believe that Soylent makes these sorts of people (and clearly I’m excluding anyone who is consuming or planning to consume Soylent, DIY or otherwise) incredibly uncomfortable because it strips away something that they have put tremendous effort into projecting onto the world - that food is this wondrous, nearly mystical, romantic thing that must not be messed with in any way.

Basically by subsisting quite well on Soylent, we’re completely destroying a belief system that has been built up around the politics of food and health. We’re essentially destroying a near-religious fanaticism - without intending to of course. But that’s what I see in the reactions of these people who are so mortally offended at the choices we make with regards to the substances we put into our own bodies. In redefining “food” we force them to consider the possibility that maybe food isn’t really what they’ve convinced themselves that it is.

< /end deep thinking > =)


feels like that is about right for the 90% of the people who post with no real info. I forget which video it was but there was a nutritionist saying “I see absolutely NO reason to use this when you can eat normal food” (or something like that)…I saw another vlog of a Vegan girl going over the idea of soylent…kinda the same thinking…that why would you use soylent when you can just eat real food…its not that hard…then she said “Yes, its better than the average american diet…but still its better to eat right” exactly the point…the average american diet is the average american diet FOR A REASON…AND THATS THE PROBLEM THEY ARE ADDRESSING!!!

Yes going for a run everyday and being more active is the best solution…with that logic why the hell do we need gyms and at home workout equipment…wow…now im getting fired up…/raised blood pressure

I’d say the other 10% is made up for straight up Trolls and people who have lived a life where they were able to afford the money, time and energy required to eat well and forget that most of this country overweight, diabetic and about to drop out of their rascal scooters to a major heart attack.

I’m not there yet…but at the rate i was going i would be getting there in 10-20 years…so glad this came along…on DIY now and can see a future where my food issues arent issues.

thanks for the post…makes sense to me


wel.l im English so no idea what its like in America i have just seen the memes. anyway after telling people i was starting soylent and explaining what it is i get the sorts of responses like.
oh yeah my son likes protean shakes as well.
The human body needs to taste different food
we were debunking this crap for the past 2 years on

now i think its a knee-jerk reaction/stupidity. nutrionalists 99% of them will be against soilent. why? there job is for people who eat real food. if everyone was on soilent they wouldn’t have a job. or maybe they would making DIY stuff but it would change alot. so there not gonna say embrace it are they? there going to say have a normal healthy and nutritious diet.

its like sitting at a table with your family and when its just about time to start eating. bring out a pair of chopsticks and use those. you get the same kind of reaction. because its not normal. alot of people don’t like whats not normal.


we need to contact “MYTHBUSTERS” and get their interns on long term SOYLENT diets…Ive never had anyone second guess the results of
a good mythbusters episode. @JulioMiles


People do that all the time. :stuck_out_tongue: Half of the shows anymore are reruns of experiments when people complained about how they did it.


I think you’re right for many of the negative reactions.

But, the foodie in me likes the idea of Soylent. I’ve been using a DIY Solylent for 3 months, but only for Breakfast and Lunch Monday- Friday. I just replaced the crap that I was eating on the way to work and the fast food at lunch. I eat a home made meal with the family in the evenings and on the weekends and the food actually tastes better.

I get way less salt and sugar with my Soylent meals and it has made the evening and weekend meals flavors more intense. I do gain 3-5 lb by Monday morning every week and it goes away by Friday though.


This is the way I see most people using Soylent, and I think it’s ultimately the way to mass acceptance of it - replace the crap (or even missing) breakfasts and lunches that the “working men/women” are having now, with something easy, convenient, inexpensive, and nutritious. Then have whatever one would normally have at home in the evening.

This isn’t my approach personally, as I look forward to probably going on 100% (or close to it) Soylent only, because I really don’t want anything to do with food if I don’t have to. But that’s what I love most about the idea of Soylent… it’s about having options. Don’t want to consume it? Don’t consume it. Only want to consume it occasionally? Consume it occasionally. Want to live on it solely? Live on it solely! How could something that simply provides a healthy option for people, be anything but good?


One of the things Rob mentioned was that by saving so much money on fuel, when he wanted to eat ‘real’ food he could eat expensive good stuff without it breaking the bank. Something I’m looking forward to too.

Same here. Food is a pain in the ass (PITA. Ironic. :P) so I’d rather just do it and get it over with most of the time, but sometimes i want a big hunka hunka burnin’ cow.