My thoughts on v1.4


TL/DR: Still drinkable.

I’ve been using Soylent since the end of December 2014. I started using it for about 50% of my meals, then bumped up to about 95% after a couple of weeks.

Until this week, I’d only been exposed to v1.3. I liked 1.3. It was smooth (mostly), had a subtle flavor all its own, and blended with other flavors such as peanut butter or frozen fruit quite nicely. My normal prep included mixing in some ice cubes to thicken it up and keep it cold as I sipped on it throughout the day.

Yesterday I tried v1.4 for the first time. Wow. It’s thick. Takes almost twice as long to pour out a serving. Without the vanilla flavoring, it’s not as sweet, and I can definitely taste the added sodium. The post about it trading like Bisquik isn’t far off.

That being said, plain from the pitcher it’s not bad. Not as good as 1.3 from a flavor standpoint, but certainly better than off the shelf powders that are available as meal replacements. Once I blended in some ice cubes and pb2, we’re definitely rolling again. The salty taste is still there, but not enough to make it taste bad. The texture when blended with ice is even thicker than before, and I like that. It’s very milk shakey now.

I can see how people that are used to previous versions can have issues with it, but I think that’s just the nature of an ever evolving product. If someone started drinking 1.4 without previous experience, and without previously conceived notions based on the reviews of other people, I don’t think they would think anything extremely negative about it.



It took me a few days to come to terms with 1.4, but now that I have it seems to be a big improvement over 1.3 and I dig it.


This is me! I ordered back in October and finally got my shipment at the beginning of the month. Being a follower of the forums I was a bit worried. Everyone was so negative about this version I thought I was maybe getting my first taste of Soylent on a subpar version. But so far so good. It tastes fine to me. The texture isn’t as bad as everyone led me to believe. I wouldn’t even say it’s bad. I haven’t experienced any of the seperation which has been noted by quite a few people. I find this interesting cause I can’t even replicate it. Overall it’s everything I expected it to be though.


Well I guess I did have some worries based in the reviews of other people but still lol nothing negative to say about it


Hey Gang,

So, new user here. Just received the second shipment of v1.4 after only a few days ordered. It would appear the Soylent.Me company has overcome the long shipping times present with the prior versions. The delivery speed has made it (to my thinking) a truely viable option to traditional meals.

I have yet to test the viability of the product beyond the suggested 2 days, I think tomorrow am Breakfast (or lunch) will be the first stretch to 3 days. So more on that later I suppose.

As to flavor and consistency, I have no significant complaints. I add some Splenda and Vanilla and tada :slight_smile: flavor :slight_smile: Not sure what other users are finding but it does seem that users have a strong opinion mainly based on prior versions to the new version. I suppose when v1.5 comes out I might have an opinion, but until then… I think the base v1.4 version is fine.

Texture and consistency no significant opinion. I have no concerns either way.

Up until now I have conserved my portions to a point, mainly due to refrigeration. Living in Central Florida keeping a jug in the car (even in a cooler with 2 packs of ice for 4 hours) is risky.

I like the price point, I like the convenience, and with any luck it will help reduce the overall daily calorie intake. I have had a rather unpleasant cold since day 1 of using Soylent v1.4, so what impact it might have had on my body is hard to tell. As far as I know I have not had any major issues digesting the product. Once my “dry throat” phase of the cold ends in a few days I should be able to see if there are any slight digestion issues or not. I am hopeful that I wont find any.



I’ve had good luck with a Thermos (vacuum flask). If you top it off with ice, it should stay cold for a stupidly long time.


Or, the Hydro Flask Insulated Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Water Bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours. There are a few reviews on Amazon that mention the bottle being kept in hot cars for hours, to the point they are hot to the touch, but still ice cold liquid.

I like the 32-ounce bottle; it hold a half pitcher (two servings) of Soylent.