My Very Own DIY Disaster


So, I ordered my Soylent back at the start of October, and as I have some time to kill before it arrives, I thought I’d check out the DIY recipes and get started mixing up some of my own. I plowed through the library and finally picked a starting point that seemed doable and leapt in, and I learned something…

…any recipe that includes Raw Meal as a major ingredient is just not for me. The flavor and Texture are fine… it’s the smell that gets me… too 'EAS Myoplexy"…

So back to start, any favorites out there? I did order some 100% food and am getting a sample of People Chow to try, but anyone want to pipe up with a “You’ve got to try this, it’s the BEST!!!”




A lot of people like Schmoylent.


I ordered Soylent in July and I too couldn’t wait for my shipment. I looked around at the various ready-to-order DIY options and @axcho’s Custom Body Fuel seemed to get great reviews. I ordered the a 3-meal sample of the standard Schmoylent mix a few weeks ago and it’s everything I wanted it to be. I’ve since ordered a whole month’s worth.

What I really like about Schmoylent is the natural vanilla flavor. And I was surprised that I had no gas issues whatsoever. @axcho has suggested (somewhere in this forum…I can’t remember where) that this is due to a small but crucial modification of the sources of magnesium and calcium.

So Schmoylent comes highly recommended. I can only hope official Soylent is as good as Schmoylent.


If you like the taste of corn tortillas/tamales then People Chow is a very popular option. It also doesn’t have the oat flour that gives some people gas.


It actually reminds me of Cheerios when its warm.


I’ve been living on People Chow for 9 months with no real complaints. I didn’t put a lot of effort into finding the “right” DIY since I figured I would switch to Soylent in the future. If it would have been longer I would have put more effort into finding a “perfect” DIY. Now that Soylent is unusable for me (horrible gas), I might have to rethink. I would probably go with something like Schmoylent or another of @axcho’s DIY’s.

I did really love the simplicity of Soylent. I will probably go with that when they get the gas issues worked out. For now a 95% perfect recipe is more than good enough for me.


Try to choose the one that has values close to RDI.


you might have the same problem with Schmoylent or any other with oat flour. MaxK cited this as the main reason he switched People Chow to Masa, previously it used oat.

Some people did report better results if the cooked the oat flour in their microwave before mixing it though.


Thanks for the advice. I’ll give the schmoylent a try once I get through my 100% food (which I like) and the people chow graham (which smells delightful in powdered form).

For the chow, what’s the prevailing thought on oil? I have canola and various olives, but don’t keep soy in the house. Thoughts?


I personally prefer canola oil because of the great omega 3-6 ratio and mild taste. It contains approx 2% erudic acid though, which is a 120 fold safety margin below potentially harmful levels of intake but still bothers some people.
As well as canola oil, you need some ocean animal (fish, krill, calamari) or algal oil to get your omega 3 DHA, because the body isn’t particularly good at creating it from non DHA omega 3.


Would you suggest a 50-50 ratio of the oils?


Nah, Closer to 10:1 ratio. we don’t need all that much DHA. Official Soylent used 56g canola oil and 6.4g fish oil, and then swapped the fish oil to algae oil in recipe 1.2 to make it vegetarian. I think too much fish oil would taste horrendous.


the 1:1 omega 3 to 6 ratio can be a little unrealistic and potentially dangerous. Much above 5-6g and omega 3 starts having negative consequences such as thinning blood, lowering your immune response, and potently dangerous bleeding. I know everyone wants the 1:1 ratio because supposedly our ancient ancestors had that magic ratio but their diet was hardly optimal. A more realistic, potentially safer, and still generally accepted ratio is 1:4 omega 3 to 6.