"My Week With Soylent: Why Nerds Are Forgoing Food"


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My Week With Soylent: Why Nerds Are Forgoing Food


"A Juice-Cleanse for Nerds?"
I have seen Soylent compared to a cleanse several places. It is not a cleanse at all.


It is a bit of a palate cleanser…


It seems like a valid comparison to me. Soylent doesn’t have much of anything unnecessary in it, so if you exclusively consume equal or less calories of Solent than your body needs plus an adequate amount of water, then all the unnecessary “toxic” stuff in your blood and guts should eventually get cleaned out. Soylent of course isn’t a juice, but in that context the word juice is just being used to relate to the various well known, albeit notorious, cleanse diets.


I think the notion of a cleanse and of toxic stuff being flushed out of your system with a particular diet is considered a marketing scheme and pseudoscientific. That said, giving your body only what it needs avoids having to process stuff it doesn’t need, but that stuff it’s avoiding isn’t necessarily toxic, but just unnecessary.


The article includes some mind-numbing political and psychological speculation, such as effective altruists and suicide bombers being the same personality type. On the other hand it has a couple great sentences:

“If fast food is heroin, Soylent is methadone. It’s not as fun, but it prevents the cravings – and it isn’t actively killing you.”
“In theory, four glasses of this stuff per day contains everything you need to be an FDA-approved person”


“In theory”? Lol, like FDA approval is open to interpretation.