My weekly Soylent progress


Ok, here we go! I’ll try to keep these short and sweet!

First, the reason I switched from food to Soylent. I have had some weight issues in the past. I had a rough year personally and this caused me to stop watching my weight completely. My peak was last week, at 262 lbs. I’m 6’2" and have a large frame (I was built for football!), so I’m plenty fat but not fat fat, if you know what I mean (at least not yet). I’d love to lose 50lbs. So, my main reason for switching to Soylent is the freedom from overeating. I’m not a ‘hungry guy,’ but I don’t leave food on my plate. I can fast better than anyone I know, as long as there’s no food around, I almost never get hungry (even when I’m not fat). But put an entire pizza in front of me, and I’ll destroy it. It’s a curse.

My wife is also doing Soylent!

I was able to start early thanks to @bryce_leo, who generously sold me his month of Soylent (at cost!! hero!!) last week while waiting for my own to come in. Day 1 was Sunday the 8th, so here I am at the end of week 1.

We are on the 95% Soylent plan, replacing all our non social meals (which are not often). Tomorrow we will be having our first food, ballpark food on Father’s day.
Besides Soylent, I drink 1-2 cups of coffee a day. I also grow and drink about 2oz of wheatgrass juice a day.

The good:
-Weight loss! That’s why I’m here! However, this is a bit of fool’s gold and I’m well aware of it. My weight has fluctuated in the past, and I know those first few pounds don’t really count. But hey - you have to lose those before you can lose the rest. I ended the week at 256.0 lbs.
-Time saved! This one is obvious, but it can’t be understated. You don’t realize how much time you spend cooking and cleaning until you replace it with shaking a bottle a couple times a day and washing 2 dishes
-100% satisfying. This one may not apply to everyone, however. I very rarely get hungry (see intro). After an entire week, if this is going to become a problem I would have expected it to by now.
-The taste. Huge surprise here. I wouldn’t say I love it, but I definitely like it. It’s 100% liquid but I almost enjoy chewing it, hard to describe. But two thumbs up here.

The bad:
-Gas. Anyone who posts about gas issues isn’t kidding. My worst days were 1, 2, and 6. After day 2 I thought they were subsiding, but yesterday was revenge of the bowels. I am in a much better situation than most others here because I don’t have to worry about a spouse who isn’t on Soylent (she’s got it too, but not as bad as me), and I work from home.
-Fatigue. Day 2 and 3, I was very tired. I suspect this was my body’s reaction to what was probably a huge drop in calorie intake.
-Headaches. These were minor but they were there, day 2 and 3. They have gone away since. I read here it could be from the increase in potassium, who knows? As long as they stay gone, I don’t care.
-Loss of strength. Was doing the normal weekend yard work today and it was hitting me hard.

That’s it! 1 week down, the rest of my life to go, see you next week!

Here’s a pic of the only cupboard we need anymore :smile:


Wow, your cupboard looks like it was custom built for Soylent! That’s pretty awesome LOL

When you mention “huge drop in calorie intake”, is that by design? Probably stating the obvious here but you can always drink more if you think you might be too drastically reducing all at once.

I really know what you mean about the time savings and “chewing” Soylent. I do the same thing… it’s a strange new habit and hard to describe, but for some reason even though it’s a total liquid, there is some automatic reflexive “chewing” that I also do. And it’s quite satisfying… but I don’t do it with any other liquid like a smoothie or milkshake for example. Not sure why it’s just a Soylent thing, but it’s quite pleasant. =)

Awesome that your spouse is joining you. I can’t imagine someone using Soylent as an attempt at weight loss or overcoming bad food habits, when the rest of their household wasn’t participating as well. That would be ROUGH!


Hey @vanclute! Love your posts :thumbsup:

I think if I saw a doctor or dietitian they might tell me to increase the calories, I have no idea really, I’m pretty bad when it comes to nutrition. The problem is I was eating unhealthy, and not calorie counting at all. There was also no consistency. One day I might eat reasonably, the next I might have gotten delivery, ordered way too much and eaten all of it.
So far, the Soylent makes me FULL. In fact, once this week I really had to force down my last meal pretty late - that brings me to something I should have mentioned in the first post. I’m drinking it over 5 times, and slowly. @bryce_leo warned me to take it slow, but on the first day I was so excited I that I made a huge glass and downed it. Lesson learned: don’t drink soylent quickly, and listen to experts when they give you advice! So if I was going to increase the amount of calories I was taking in, I would really have to push it down, if you know what I mean. The fatigue has almost completely subsided, no more heavy eyelids during the day. I did get physically tired today working in the yard though. A big part of me typing this out was for myself, so week by week I can compare and see what might be a bad day and what might be a trend I need to address. This is a brave new world!

You are so right about the household… I’m really not missing food at all. But if I had a glass of Soylent while she had a bag of fries at the other end of the table, well… if I lasted 1 day that would be a miracle LOL

Oh and of course, it was her turned that cupboard into our Soylent storage. She’s the best :smile:


Keeper!!! LOL


Now this is the tinker-er in me speaking, but since you’re a pretty tall dude I wouldn’t be afraid to add in 30-60 grams of whey (casein or milk protein isolate would work well also) on high activity days. You’re a big guy and 2000 cals just may not quite work for us. My Muscle Chow formula is at 2300 and I’m still losing about 1lb a week. Once I’m done cutting (aiming for 8%bf) I’ll likely need 2600-2900 depending on activity.
I guess what I’m trying to say is not to fear the calories if you’re finding yourself run down and it’s been a particularly active day, just like leaving some left over is ok as well.


Trying to lose weight and living with my boyfriend and a roommate who both eat whatever they want. Boyfriend is sitting next to me right now eating popcorn. :frowning:



Your boyfriend should be more supportive of you working toward a personal goal, especially a healthy goal.


Could be worse… all things considered popcorn isn’t too awful, unless you’re talking extra-movie-theater-butter and eating an entire bag at a sitting. At least it’s not a bag of oreos or something. :smiley:

But yeah, trying to accomplish anything in life while surrounded by people who don’t support you in it… sucks. I do feel for ya.


So true. Makes me kinda glad I live alone!


Funny. I could swear I heard someone call my name in here. Hmm… Must have been hearing things. :wink:


She did a spectacular job with that cabinet, it appears to have all the space required to go about creating Soylent meals.

As for your caloric intake. According to the CDC online BMI Calculator a healthy weight for your height of 6’2" is ~200lbs. You did not indicate that you were an athlete, if so then this can go up to 230lbs depending on muscle mass.

If you want to maintain ~200lbs at 6’2" you need to consume ~2050 calories. That would be your approximate BMR, (Basal Metabolic Rate). Soylent has 2010 calories per bag.

This means you will need to add calories to your diet after you loose weight in order to maintain a normal weight. This isn’t a problem now, however it is something to think about after you get to a normal weight.


Thanks. He does try to be supportive but he’s not doing Soylent so he still has to eat. Our roommate went out to Wawa the other night and he asked her to get him a bag of chips or something, and I looked at him with a sad face and he told her nevermind, so he is trying.


hey @jenks how’s it going? Updates?