My wife is going to get pregnant. What should we do?


I would continue eating Soylent like normal if she feels like it (although maybe she won’t). It’s just food. Probably during the other 1/3 of whatever you eat there will be enough variety to compensate (I was kind of assuming the other 1/3 is a normal varied lunch or dinner meal and not, like, a bowl of Cheerios every day). People eat all kinds of unhealthy things when pregnant, it’s not magic. There are some extra vitamins/minerals recommended to pregnant women as others have noted so if it were me, I would just make sure that with the other 1/3 of varied food plus Soylent plus taking prenatal vitamins these recommendations are met. There are about a thousand other things that have more influence on the outcome of a person’s life and health than what is eaten during pregnancy (assuming there is no medical crisis, like getting listeria or something) so it’s probably better to try not to overthink it.

If you like reading medical studies and relying on scientific evidence as opposed to erring on the side of potentially irrational caution about pregnancy guidelines, I highly recommend the book “Expecting Better” by economist Emily Oster! It’s a great read even if you are just interested in economics or analyses of medical data and not at all in pregnancy.


Just want to say that I’m 20 weeks pregnant and, with my doctor’s approval of (and her new fascination with) Soylent, I’ve had it once per day, as I normally did before pregnancy. Everything is perfect so far and my health is fantastic, far better than it would have been trying to eat right without Soylent.


That’s a pretty strong statement. How do you know?


She probably is drawing on her past experiences trying to eat right.


So my mind goes to old TV like Lucile Ball, and the pregnant wife demanding in the middle of the night that the husband immediately go to the store and buy pickles or chocolate eclairs.

Speaking of thousands of years of experience, don’t modernists believe in “if you’re missing something, your body will tell you” any more?

I would think Soylent would be ok as a base, unless the body says otherwise.


Soylent is formulated for the average adult human. As always, we recommend that young children and women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or may become pregnant should consult their physicians regarding any dietary changes as those groups typically require specific dietary needs outside of Soylent’s formulation.


What I mean by this is exactly what Ric said. Soylent is a perfectly balanced meal. I am a very busy woman and struggle to achieve this level of quality in my daily food choices, even when I’m trying (by researching, cooking, etc). I would have to spend a lot more time and money to achieve the level of health (not to mention convenience) of Soylent. It’s why I love it and I am an original backer of this product.

As I said, my doctor is thrilled that soylent is a choice that exists in the world, and if we can trust that what they put on the ingredients list is actually in the bag (and not, you know, people), then rejoice! Good health to all!


I would like to iterate, again, that I do not exclusively eat Soylent. When my body craves something specific, I don’t ignore it. One thing they tell you early on is to trust what your body is telling you. If you want pickles, you better eat pickles. Your body probably wants the extra vinegar to help digest your food.


Just want to give an update. My wife used Soylent throughout the pregnancy. Child was super healthy. Now both our kids eat some soylent almost every day. Son is taller, stronger and smarter (just got put into gifted at grade 1).


Hey, this is great to hear as I’m currently researching the use of Soylent while I’m attempting to conceive. Congrats on your healthy baby!

Did your wife take a standard daily pre-natal vitamin while drinking Soylent during her pregnancy?

Was she still drinking Soylent 2/3 of her meals?

Your child was born healthy. Any complications with mama? Lab checks? How was her morning sickness? Any changes she noticed in her pregnancy between your two children that she may contribute to Soylent?

This is all so fascinating!


She did great. Kid was perfect