Myprotein Whole Fuel

This is a new one

Very reasonably priced, sixteen pounds for ten meals and the ingredients look good. I would be very interested in anyone’s opinion or thoughts on the product. I’ve ordered it and will do a review when I’ve tried it.

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Just got some today. Which flavour did you go for? Vanilla has that very strong dusty pea protein taste. Not nearly as nice as Soylent and Joylent. Kind of wish I chose chocolate.

I felt good after drinking it though, Joylent always makes me feel a little spaced out, like they didn’t get the ratios right.

I got the vanilla raspberry flavour and I have to say, it tasted just fine. Definitely the taste of raspberry. I want to consume more of it before I do a proper review. First impression is very good.

Looks like a decent meal replacement for one or two servings a day, but that nutrition will be off if your doing five servings a day… nearly five grams of salt for example.

If you’re doing this as a full time soylent I’d run it through the DIY site as an easy reference to see what your actually getting.