Nano Enhanced Food

One of the new Dutch start up’s state that their product uses nano enhanced nutrition technology. Does anyone know what that is or has any experience of it?

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It is building multi layer micro particles with an outer layer protecting the nutrient in its path to the small intestine.

This sounds ridiculous. I hope they can substantiate this claim, because I’m not finding anything more in-depth on the site.

Nice find by the way. The presentation is a little… eccentric… but the website layout is pretty cool.


If that is what they mean by “nano enhanced” it is basically just “time release”… I suppose it makes sense to do somewhat… I am satisfied looking at their ingredients

I am impressed by the number of decent looking alternatives in Europe… if Soylent doesn’t speed up in getting their product over here, they will struggle considering price and quality… many of these Soylent alternatives are not really “inferior” to Soylent.

It looks to me, though, like Rosa Labs is more of an innovator than the others. This quality of leadership gives it an edge. Also, it has the resources of the Soylent-industrial complex in the US.

There was an interesting article I think in the NY Times the other day saying that European businesses are more afraid to fail than US businesses, so the US companies are more aggressive.


“Soylent-industrial complex”?
Wow, they are much larger and more powerful than I gave them credit for if a name like that is warranted. :fearful:

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I’ve heard of this nano technology before. It’s like @Tordenskjold said, it’s a time released for B vitamins so they are better absorbed by the body. Shaklee also uses this technology for their daily multivitamin.

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Just using a term that sounds technically advanced in order to garner more interest + money, even though it’s not an accurate description. Nothing new here.

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Make sure you mix this up with a NutriBullet cyclonic vortex-action advanced food emulsification system.


It was a joke, based on a futuristic projection of where RL could be soon.

Dear Everyone,

Nano is using “REAL” proprietary Nano encapsulation technology (not owned by eatnano so I can not refer to the specific patent). This is not regular time released, but a layer of less then 200 nanometer thick that encapsulates the nutrient. This serves two purposes. One: the nutrient is protected through the digestive track to the small intestine, where your body can absorb it. Two: Taste and smell of nutrients are masked by this process.

Soon we will post more scientific data on the nano encapsulation. Not all nutrients are nano encapsulated.

Nano wants to make the number one “food replacement” and the Nano team thinks it is operating more free and thus innovative then Rosa labs. Nano is privately financed so no external money source is needed/wanted.

Nano is not based on a vision of making money, but to work on revolutionary food concepts.
The Nano team will release new Nano products in the next few months. The Nano team has both scientists and nutritionists.

Thank you for all the comments. Much love! Team Nano

Then what? Seriously!? You can’t end a sentence like that! What action does Rosa labs receive or perform? We demand answers!

I think our poorly grammatical friend was saying they are more free and innovative “than” RL.

I doubt anyone here will go to their site and do the same neener neenering.

Stay classy, Team Nano.

Edit: I just remembered that “Team Nano” is based overseas. I shouldn’t have made the grammar into an issue, I’m sorry.

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A “secret” patent? Isn’t that a contradiction?


US patent office reveals secret patents (2008):


Dear Syke, If you use technology that is patented but can be used by others, it’s normal to keep this source. We want to be as transparent as possible but we not yet have the exclusive right on this technology.

Dear Sylass94, Maybe poorly grammatical because of being Dutch :sweat: I’ve try to explain that because we have no investors, and we have no aim to make biggest margin possible, we are free to develop what we want even if is costs more to make than sales price. No big industry/venture capital money behind us. Much love Team Nano

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Dear Nanotechnic, just try to explain we think we are more free to develop innovative food because we are not run by venture capital / investor money. No hate to RL we love everybody! Team Nano

Eh, I wouldn’t let them off the hook that easy. I see this crap all over the place and not just from non-native English speakers. Frankly, I was being a bit tongue-in-cheek but it can be a bit annoying. I see it all over the place and not just in random forum contents.

There is nothing wrong with him using the forum to spread awareness of his product, Rob wanted Soylent to be a movement and not just his own product. However, this notion that Nano is more “free” because there is no venture capital is laughable at best.

Then you’re not “operating more free” by keeping your technology secret.