NASA is funding a 3D food printer



yeah, I’ve also spotted this on HN – soylent instantly came up in my mind, although the stuff NASA is looking for looks quite a step ahead.


Came here to post this…pretty interesting. Also, if Nasa is offering grants…


This was also featured on Slashdot. A few people there pointed out Soylent but they were moderated down for some reason. I don’t have any mod points today, so there’s nothing I can do short of repeating their message and hoping my post gets through.

Either way, this seems like a better version of the mixer bot that was discussed here. Putting the formula into solid forms is a good idea. It makes it more interesting and possibly more palatable.

I can’t make cool little geometric shapes, but I think I can do a solid version of my mix. I use coconut oil and clarified butter for fat. I have to melt them before mixing. If I use enough of those to fully mix the solids together without water, I can let them solidify in the fridge into something like muffin cups.


It could be because the first reaction of many people to the word “Soylent” is “It’s people!”


I read a comment on reddit that basically said this. They thought it was a joke and only after they researched it did they think it credible. The point here, is that for every person that has to research it to give it credibility, there are many who don’t even bother.


Rob and his team thought about the name carefully (and discussed it here). I remember Rob saying that he likes the fact that the name gets a lot of attention. It’s hard to think of something really nice that wouldn’t be completely forgettable. Personally, a few of my friends started a pretty long thread of Soylent Green jokes when I posted about the campaign on Facebook. They may have ignored it completely if it looked like some boring nutrition shake product.

It’s also pretty easy to re-brand it, or sell it simultaneously under a separate name if people outside the geek community get hung up on the name.


Have they solved the copyright issues with the estate of the guy who wrote the book?