Naturade Total Soy replacement vs. Soylent


everything resolved thank you Soylent and generalblue


Pretty sure you didn’t find Soylent sitting in a grocery store.


not soylent brand, no, but the same exact thing. thanks for the very helpful reply there.


FYI, the mods are volunteers specific to this community, they do not work for Soylent. The only company presence on the forum is @Soylent.


and I have messaged Soylent. Thanks for the helpful reply.


No need to thank me, it’s just what I do.


I see that posting irrelevant replies is what you do. keep up the good work.


Just to be clear, it’s not the same thing but it is the same thing?


if you’re not here to help, please stop posting this type of stuff.


I am kind of curious as to the product you found in the store that offers the same as Soylent.

What was wrong with your order? Is it related to long wait or did you receive faulty bags?

I’ll give you an extra @Soylent to help you out. Don’t panic. I am sure they will help you.


Probably Ensure.

Obviously not an equivalent to Soylent, but whatever floats @displeased’s boat, right?

FWIW, I noticed that @Soylent tends to reply to forum tags and message on Tuesdays.


Actually, no, but thanks for the laugh and helpful reply.


It’s just a generic tub that looks like protein powder but has all the same things Soylent has to offer. If I can go to the grocery store and pick it up instead of getting it in the mail, it would take a load off. I don’t see why I’m getting so many negative comments because I found something useful locally.


Out of genuine curiosity, what’s the brand?


On the tub it reads Naturade Total Soy meal replacement. I’m sure some people are about to post why it’s all so terrible and how I should switch to Soylent. Go ahead, I’m genuinely curious.


Thanks to this post, I’ve been refunded. Good guy Soylent brand. But in all seriousness, why should I choose Soylent over Naturade Total Soy?


I’m no nutrition expert, but I’ll look forward to @MentalNomad’s teardown of this thing :smile:


I look forward to it as well


There have been a few here helping you out. I was just curious as to the name of the product. I am just somewhat skeptical that it offers the same as Soylent because even NASA tried to make something like this in the 60’s and failed. I’ve seen those protein powders. They tend to require a lot of servings to get everything you need and sometimes they don’t offer complete nutrition or have too much of certain macros or micros or have too much simple sugars. They also tend to not be very financially savvy because you’d have to have so many servings and you can go through $40 worth in a few days. That’s just my experience.

***I just saw your comment on Naturade. Someone is designing a DIY Soylent that offers 100% nutrition that can be purchased using SNAP program. Here is the link:

It seems that the fellow behind the recipe found the need to supplement the product with other ingredients to make a powdered food that offers complete nutrition. There is also the whole convenience factor. You can use that guys recipe if you want instead of Soylent. Personally, I like the convenience and Soylent will lower its price one day. Just realize that Naturade requires other foods to offer 100% nutrition.

You could also true People Chow.


Skeptics will be skeptical. Thank you for your post, though. I will probably switch when the price is lowered.