"natural and artificial flavors" in 2.0

Continuing the discussion from Rob's birthday?:

@Conor Any chance of detailling what the “natural and artificial flavors” in 2.0 are? Including unspecified ingredients is very disappointing.


I’ve got my fingers crossed for another ingredient spreadsheet release.

There will be another one.


Why the massive delay on releasing the ingredient spreadsheet?


I’m wondering that too

I’m pretty surprised the new sheet hasn’t been released yet. I mostly just really want to know what the flavors are

Has this spreadsheet been released? where can I find it?

Source? Where did you find that out?

Liquid Soylent will not be open source. I assume this also means all further products will be proprietary. Only the old powder will be open source. I feel betrayed. Very sad day.

This really kills my excitement about the bottles that are on their way to me. What a shame…

Judging on the placement of salt on the ingredients list, and the listed milligrams of salt, it seems there is at least 300mg of “natural and artificial flavors” per bottle.

That’s more mystery than I care for.

Assuming salt is 100% sodium (it’s like 40% sodium and 60% chloride by weight) and that salt is the only source of sodium (it isn’t). We can’t draw any strong conclusion from those two facts. 300 mg would only be like 0.07% by weight, anyway. Even 750 mg would be like 0.17%.

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