Nausea and empty wallet syndrome from my DIY Soylent recipe


Here is my DIY soylent recipe.

I want this thread to accomplish 3 things -

Identify what is causing me occasional nausea from my DIY soylent Recipe (If the nausea is even stemming from my recipe at all). My guess is the potassium.

Find alternatives (either alternative ingredients or great sources to purchase my current ingredients in bulk from to lower my costs) to lower my daily costs, which is <$10 per day.

Review my recipe to determine if its really fulfilling my nutritional needs. I’m under and over compensating in some micronutrient departments. I’d like to round those out without increasing my costs.


make a days batch without the Potassium Gluconate and check for nausea. And your recipe does not appear balanced. I would also suggest using the profile based on U.S. government DRI, male 19-50, 2000 calories instead of your own Soccer player profile.


Wooooaaaahhh why so much potassium in the first place? Overdosing on it can be lethal. Not just slightly lethal, but like really super lethal. Potassium really isn’t one of the more-is-better nutrients, so you really should stick to no more than 150% recommended daily intake (and ideally closer to just 100%.) Lowering that should bring your cost down.

Same with choline. Not as harmful in large doses, but there’s not much reason to go about the daily recommended, and lecithin is pretty expensive.

You can bring the cost down by a lot by just going to your local supermarket and getting the store brand of anything you are willing to get store brands of. For example, I got the same amount of iodized salt locally for $.59, vs your $6.60.

Here’s a good source for cheap bulk oat flour, which should bring your cost down a bit:


I took the recipe from this blog, linked below. It recommends 10 g of potassium.

I’m getting set up with subscriptions on Amazon Prime, which should give me some discounts. I don’t know about this bulkfoods site, the design makes it seem a tad untrustworthy. But I may give it a go, considering that the oat flower there is super cheap. Thanks for sharing that link


Cool. That’s what my version is based on, too! It’s a decent base, but there are a lot of problems with it (like too much sugar, potassium, and lecithin.) Mine is currently down to $1.52 a day, although admittedly it has half the calories of yours.

If you decide not to go with the 50lb stuff (I haven’t had a problem with that site) maybe consider instead, unless you have Celiac’s and need the absolutely no-gluten-whatsoever gluten free option. It’s half the cost, and should be fine even if you’re moderately sensitive to gluten. (The difference is that the regular stuff is processed on machines that also process gluten, so it contains trace amounts, but it still isn’t chock full of the stuff or anything.)


Your nutritional info for brown sugar is off. It’s impossible for 20 grams of sugar to provide 24 grams of potassium I think you mean 24 milligrams (.024 g), which makes your potassium intake actually reasonable.
In terms of the cost, you need to find cheaper bulk sources, and that will easily solve the problem. Consider using or mixing canola oil with the olive oil.
You can get choline bitartate pretty cheaply, so I’d either find a bulk source for lecithin or drop it entirely unless you need it for texture.
Protein will pretty much always be your most expensive component per day.

So change or drop the lecithin, get a better source for oat flour, consider bulk stores for cocoa, olive oil, brown sugar, and flax seed. Sam’s Club is what I use.


Oh, wow, thats neat! Yea its a decent recipe for getting started on the DIY soylent lifestyle. I agree the sugar is much, much too high. If you look at my recipe you’ll notice that I only use 20g of sugar (the blog post recommends 85g ). I’ve pretty much taken the recipe and doubled the amount. For example I double the oat flower (120g to 240g) and nearly double the olive oil (85 to 160) same goes for lecithin (15 to 30). I consume Soylent for about 80 percent of my entire days worth of calories, I’d say. I try to get in at least one whole foods meal because my stomach gets upset with me if I just consume nothing but soylent in a day.

Could you post your recipe, for reference?

Yea, I order the Bob’s Red Mill brand for the oat flower right now, but its still contributing about $2 per day to my bottom line, which is a lot. I think I switched to the non-gluten-free one and just didn’t change that on my recipe,


Do you have any good bulk sources?


Here is my current recipe:

It’s a weight loss recipe, so once I near my goal I’ll start upping all the amounts, which will probably bring up the cost by a dollar or two, but still probably no more than $3 daily at most. I got the oat flour, soy protein, and coconut flour in bulk, but even before that it only came out to about $2.75 a day. Almost none of the sources listed are accurate (brown sugar, oil, cocoa, salt, and flax are all purchased locally–the rest was Amazon or bulk sites) but the prices are.


no Chloride? I hope you get some from another source then.


He’s got 4g of salt in his recipe. That should be more than enough chloride. Most ingredient profiles for salt in the Soylent database just don’t list Chloride.


Get some potassium citrate, and add a gram to your first batch. Add an additional gram with each new batch, stopping if you experience any symptoms of hyperkalemia, up to a maximum of 10 g.

That much potassium will at the least make you very sick. A persistent diet of this will kill you, or your kidneys at the least.

You need to be very careful in both reading, and creating your recipe. Your ingredients contain several mistakes.


Here’s my recipe, but you’ll want to modify it to suit your needs. For one, you won’t need the baking powder. I stick it in because I cook and bake my soylent, and the powder gives it loft and a softer, chewy texture. You’re also going to want more sweeteners/sugar than what I’ve got, since I was building a neutral base. I aimed for something decently low carb, not a “hyperactive lifestyle” recipe. To match the content from most soylent recipes, you’d add an additional ~1/2 measure (or equivalent) in sugars/dextrin. (eg: 2 cups soylent mix to 1 cup sugar).

The bottom of the sheet was an experiment with different recipes. Particularly interesting was the idea of using soy flour to help cut down on the expensive protein. Not a bad tradeoff, but I don’t know what it’d do to the texture.

But feel free to use the links for bulk buying.


Do you have any good sources for bulk protein?


Where do you get bulk protein?


It’s a pretty big investment, though. I went halvsies with a friend. Same place I get my bulk oat flour and kale powder, and I haven’t had any problems with the seller.