Nausea and vomiting several times after eating food bars


Have you received your Powder refund email yet? Neither of us got the email last time there was a Powder problem but we better get the refund one. :wink:


Great. No more Soylent powder until 2017. Looks like I am switching to Joylent.

Good going RL, FTW!


Honestly, they must be done for as a company, right? I hope little s soylent continues because I planned a lot of my life around it.


It’s a setback, but I don’t see them going anywhere. They’ll lose some market share for sure if they don’t keep powder available to those who still want it, even if that’s just limited to the current customers.


Doesn’t failure after failure eventually catch up with them though? And funding run out? We all wanted them to succeed very badly but patience seems to have run out. And honestly, it’s not even like people loved the Bars or Powder. More like we tolerated them. Some liked the taste but not most.


They’re still the leaders in this business, but this will definitely give the competition a chance to catch up if they’re not careful moving forward; once someone else gets that foothold it’d be a hard fight to win it back.

These recent setbacks are much fewer and further between than what we saw just a couple years ago, so there has been noticeable improvement. Just more people to notice trouble now. Not that long ago they swore off giving estimates to ship when delays hit, them even saying Q1 gives me hope that they’re confident it will be fixed sooner, I just hope we don’t see delays like the early days.

My lowly opinion is to keep shipping to the current customers, once you lose them they may not come back easily. Keep the current powder flowing somehow, or take the next few weeks to roll back to 1.5 and continue to sell as normal. The powder may not have been as tasty as the RTD, but it sounds like it’s still a major seller for them, perhaps the biggest. I think bars need a lot of work to get them to go big.


Unless they changed the formula between the first shipments and the ones that made us sick, I don’t buy it. I ate an entire box of bars with zero issues and then the first one from my next shipment made me violently ill.

If it is a specific ingredient that’s causing a problem, I think the ingredient distribution must be off and we got way too much of said ingredient in the bad bars.

I’ve never come across a food allergy, so it’ll be interesting to see what they end up blaming. I don’t know that I’d do it myself, but I’ll bet some on here that got sick would try that ingredient specifically to see if it makes them sick by itself.


Good point. This problem is starting to remind me of a phone on fire. What if the problem continues in January?

I think RL should have customers sign a waiver of responsibility and allow them to continue buying 1.6.


Prediction noted. #prayforpowder


Dark times lie ahead of us and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right.


lol they’re backed by Andreessen Horowitz. I would be more worried about their competition at this point.

Nice of you to care though.


Exactly, not a VC that keeps pumping money into failing companies.


I agree, they wouldn’t waste their time on a bad company.


That’s not how VC works. They invest in people. Sometimes they don’t pan out so they bail.


Have there been reported instances of someone’s eating a Food Bar and getting sick, and then later eating another Food Bar and NOT getting sick? There’s a reason that I ask. I’d eaten five bars from my box-of-12 with no problems whatsoever but the sixth sent me to the ER in an ambulance, so if I have an intolerance to one ingredient, as Rosa Labs is suggesting in yesterday’s blog post, why the night-and-day difference in my body’s reaction to it? Developing an allergy would be an explanation, in which case if I ate another Food Bar I should most definitely get sick again. I’m not going to try it, but I wonder whether anyone else has tried it accidentally because of not associating their illness with a Food Bar that they’d eaten. (I would likely have been such a person myself, but I was notified by Rosa Labs of the product issue before I happened to eat another one.)


That happened to me!


My buddy went to the ER with throbbing chest pain, it was so bad he keeled over and his wife drove him to the ER. It turned out to be a really bad case of indigestion. Now, I am not saying he was a wimp, he just experienced something so out of ordinary he thought going to the ER was the best course of action. It turns out he didn’t need that level of care afterall.


Healthcare, amirite? Thanks, Obama!


I would guess something else made you sick.


I’m impressed at the work that went into this spreadsheet. I just clicked on about 10 of links and it seems most of the people are new on the forum. I only saw one other person (besides you) who has been here well before the bars were released. It would be great to see a “Joined” column. I’m not saying there’s a conspiracy happening, but it is a little strange.