Nausea and vomiting several times after eating food bars

Well, I can’t be 100% sure if no one will ship me a “bad” bar to try eating, but none of my boxes have made me sick. It’s perhaps understandable for me to treat that as strong empirical evidence that they won’t make me sick? I imagine if a bad batch was found by testing and there was a recall, or widespread reports of bars making people sick, then I might be more wary. It probably doesn’t hurt that I’ve tried Soylent 1.0, 1.3-1.6, 2.0, and Coffiest, and none of those products have made me sick. It probably gives me a higher confidence than someone who, for instance, received a moldy bottle of 2.0.

I think I had one bar in my car that kind of became soft and left residue a few weeks ago, but no, there’s minimal residue in my wrappers. It’s pretty cool here: about 60-70 °F (which google tells me is about 16-21 °C), so it might be a temperature thing?

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My body my choice. :wink:

I’m going to update the original post to list out all reported incidents with food bars.

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I have the same issue. I’d eaten a couple of boxes prior with no trouble. Last Friday, had one for breakfast with my coffee like usual. Felt nauseous, eventually threw up a few hours later. Wondered about it being the bar, so I didn’t eat any more all week. Ate one this morning, just threw up again. Searched the forums and found this thread. I’ve got batch B1-00CAR 1966 14Jul17 0716. Will have to dig the wrapper out of the trash, but another from the same box is 13:19 B.B 14Jul17 F3 1966.

I’ve drunk numerous 1.4/1.5/2.0 batches, eaten two full boxes of bars with no trouble. There has to be something wrong with this lot.

I can only assume the two I have left from a box have the same stamp on the wrapper as the rest of the box.
12:23 B.B. 14JUL17 F3 1976
The only issues I have have seen are yummy issues.

More data points.

@wezaleff @Raylingh

A couple of clarifications – I ate about 4 bars from this box with no issues whatsoever. I thought they were super yummy and even considered switching to these with an apple for lunch instead of the 2.0. So the theory that it is a personal reaction to the product is somewhat flawed. I had two separate incidences of nassau, vomitting and diarrhea, last Friday and yesterday. My reaction yesterday after eating only about 1/3 of a bar was particularly violent. I vomitted 7 times in 40 minutes and seriously felt like I may need to visit the hospital. It was as if I had been poisoned. I looked it up and the ship date was August 31 – I remember that @Raylingh’s was September 1. I am wondering if the other people who got sick had similar ship dates? Unfortunately, I do not have the wrappers from those bars – but all the remaining one’s in the box have the 1966 code.

Could all of you make sure you email

As they stamp the code on the outside of the box too, I imagine each bar inside each box is from the same batch.

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I am currently writhing ill from this. Was afraid to post publicly but glad I searched and found a thread. Glad I’m not alone. Sorta. (Not really.)

22:11 B.B. 14JUL17 F3 1966.

two bouts of illness (nausea/vomitting) and one more where I felt pretty queasy out of eight bars consumed so far.

The fact I’m sensitive in the guts as a person generally did not help I imagine.

Okay, went and emailed Soylent themselves as well now.

I’ve emailed Soylent as well, per Conor’s request. Feeling better now, but that definitely ruined my Saturday. Realized that my wife also was made sick twice from eating this batch as well, though we weren’t sure until my experience today. The worst time for her she only ate part of a bar. I think I have 7 left, so at most we had one bar out of the box that didn’t make us sick.

Seems like something is going bad prematurely. That is, the bars are fine at first, but a little while later are bad juju. Shelf life of one month?

No idea. I ordered early, my first two boxes came Aug 19th. I liked them so I set up a recurring order soon after. Ate them over a couple of weeks I think. My next two boxes arrived September 2nd. I think the first time my wife was sick was Sept 4th, and I think that was one of the first bars we ate from that box. Hadn’t really thought to keep track of which came from which box, just stuffed a few in my work bag, ate them whenever. I need to look through my bag, find all my remaining bars.

I received these also on the Aug 19th.
I ate one today 3 hours later no sign of issues.
I generally would say I have a weak stomach.

I think the problem is not manufacture of certain batches, but exposure to heat.
I’ve eaten several bars from one box with no trouble, but one bar had been in a car through a hot day. the inside of the wrapper was oily and the first bite stung my tongue, a very unpleasant mild chemical burn flavor. I threw it away, but would’ve expected it to make me sick from the taste.


@Persi. That is an interesting theory though I don’t think the bars that made me sick were exposed to heat. It does seem that there is something to the 14JUL17 1966 Batch. Mine are all a stamp in the 16’s though the highest I have seen is maloncanth at 22:11 I think. @Conor is there any sense of if the company will at least issue a warning? It seems there is a fair amount of people who have gotten sick - even when other bars in the box did not make them sick.

I realize that @jteach’s experience contradicts it, but I find the heat hypothesis to be particularly interesting. The only thing that stood out as different with my bars was the fact the it was kind of oily and had a stringy residue, as if it had been heated (see pictures in OP).

One possibility is that the adhesive used on the wrapper comes loose with the slightest bit of heat, and melts on to the bar. You can see the adhesive coming lose in my pictures.

Another possibility is that the bar has an ingredient that changes adversely when heated. This could be easily tested by someone more adventurous than myself (perhaps @wezaleff or @ode) by popping a bar in the microwave a bit for science. Please do not do this unless you’re prepared to be sick the rest of the day.


@RaylinghI am also interested in the theory. My classroom is not exactly “cool” and was very hot the past two weeks so it is possible – but it had not sat in the functional equivalent of a hot car. I am pretty sure though that the one I had on Friday (most recent one that made me very sick) was straight out of the box in the pantry.

that box could’ve been overheated on its way to you, in a delivery truck, for instance, or in a warehouse

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very true! Very hot summer in New England

OK, my turn.

First off, I want to say that I do NOT have a week or sensitive stomach. Indeed, I am immune to many “normal” digestive side effects (example: I do not get increased bowel movement from eating lots of fruit, peppers, fat, citric acid or sugar; I basically have an iron digestive system). It is normal for me to go a year at a time with no nausea to speak of. To the best of my memory it has been at least 2-3 years since the last time I threw up.

I have now had 2 violent bouts of nausea directly attributable to Soylent bars. Throwing up on two separate occasions in a week is basically unheard of for me. Like, I’m almost certain this has literally never happened before unless I had a severe stomach bug, and even then I can’t actually remember such an incident.

It’s not just that, though; I got diarrhea, too. That is: my body is clearly responding to this as though it were food poisoning (indeed, I thought the first one was bad fish) except that food poisoning takes 12-24 hours and this takes, uh, about 4.

Having said that, it’s clearly not just the Soylent bars, because like everybody else, I had a bunch of bars and it was fine, and then I had several in a row that clearly messed me up something awful.

My soylent bars have not been exposed to heat, or any other environmental factors that would cause problems. Indeed, I’m almost certain the bars themselves are fine, but as my kids just ate a bar from the same box, we’ll find out shortly.

In my case, there’s something that could be an obvious difference, which is that I’m now taking a multivitamin where I was not before, which leads to my current theory: I think what people are experiencing is a situational overdose of some vitamin that’s causing the effects in people who are sensitive to it.

(I’m taking a multi because I’m crash dieting; typically less than 1,000 kCal/day; it’s not optional. I could try a soylent bar without the multi, but at this point I’m completely terrified to try them again. I really really REALLY don’t like nausea.)

Every day I’m taking a B complex, 2k IU vitamin, calcium, a multi, and a few other irrelevant things. It’s not the vitamin D (I’ve taken 15k IU with no side effects), but it might, for example, be too much niacin. I’m not an expert in this stuff, though. For my idea to be correct, all of the following would have to be true, and I have no idea what fits the bill:

A substance that:

  • can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
  • can vary substantially in how much people take in from day to day (or how much is actually in peoples’ systems from day to day)
  • appears in large amounts in soylent bars, enough to send sensitive people over the edge

So, yeah, no idea what’s up there. Good luck. I’ll report back (with the box number) if anyone else that consumes bars from this box has any issues, but I don’t think anyone will.

Oh, yeah, my gf had a box from this box last night; no issues. So yeah, it’s not the bars by themselves, it’s not an allergy (because I had a bunch and I was fine); it’s some combination of the bars and particular people under particular circumstances.