Nausea and vomiting several times after eating food bars

Sounds like you’re allergic to something in the bars. I’d just stop eating them, but if you really want to wait and try a different batch, you might want to give it a shot.

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That yellow stuff looks like melted bar to me but it’s hard to tell from a picture. Your symptoms do sound like classic food poisoning.


Probably not. OP said they had numerous bars in the weeks before, with no issues.



Only thing I don’t understand is why food bars seem to be the common thread. In each instance I can’t isolate anything other than soylent as the root cause (perhaps other than the airplane food, though I wasn’t aware of anyone else having issues).

In each case, I reacted within 3-5 hours of consuming the food bars.

I find it slightly amusing that we are so used to food with preservatives that a product like Soylent is giving us so much trouble.


It’s possible that heat caused the bars to melt & remold. Or it could be mold.

I assume you are drinking plenty of water with the bar? Do not forget, it could be the water since you are in a different country.


Did you email into us ( I’d like to investigate this further.

Done Conor, thanks.

Please forgive the delay, I am still on vacation

I’ve had a vaguely similar experience. While I never vomited after having a Food Bar for breakfast (along with a small cup of coffee or hot cup or tea) I did feel noticeably nauseous a few hours later.

The worst was on a work-related trip recently. We ate at various places throughout the day (no one else became ill or reported feeling ill) and I had a Food Bar in the hotel room and in the middle of the night I woke up feeling as though I would vomit. Luckily I didn’t but I associated it with the Food Bar based on previously feeling ill after having nothing but a Food Bar and coffee or tea then feeling ill, then it fading and having “traditional” food later on.

I actually have about half of my first box of Food Bars left because I’m not sure if they’re the culprit or something else. The only common factor is each day I felt ill was a day I had a Food Bar.

I do recall a residue inside the wrapper but it’s not a clear memory and I remember thinking that this may be normal because it was the first one I’ve ever opened. I remember one Food Bar was a bit inflated/puffy with air but still sealed while the others were not. If I think about it I’ll open another bar or two on Monday and look for residue.

I can say that the very first Food Bar I had seemed okay and my GF had about half with me and I don’t recall any illness associated with that first one.

If I had to describe the illness it would be something I’ve felt after having too much sugar or cake frosting or something like that.

Hello Conor. I emailed info about 10 days ago, and haven’t heard back yet. Any idea when I can expect a response?

Pm me with the email you used to contact us. I’ll flag the ticket.

Hello Raylingh. I ate newly shipped bar on 9/1. An hour in I was puking & having diarrhea, lasted 12-hours. Thinking I’d experienced stomach flu I ate another the next week with more intense symptoms & profuse sweating. Like you, absolutely no problem with the first shipment. Was shipment #2 this lot? 08:42 B.B. 14JUL17 F3 1966

Per Soylent, there investigation has revealed nothing, and say I must have an allergy or sensitivity to the bar … which is essentially the same as the drink that I have no issue with.

Have you made any concrete discoveries for your reaction?

Thank you very much for sharing your experience. I debated posting this publicly or not and ultimately decided to in hopes of getting other user accounts to aid in troubleshooting.

The only batch numbers I have are the ones posted above. These are the numbers of two bars that we’re known to cause me trouble:

  • “03:55 B. B. 14JUL17 F3 1966”
  • “04:04 B. B. 14JUL17 F3 1966”

The second bar I only ate a small piece of several days after the previous reaction, to ensure it was the bar (I had nothing else to eat that day). Sure enough, a few hours later it was forcefully regurgitated (I say forcefully because I can usually stave off vomiting when I have car nausea or sea sickness).

I find it extremely odd that I reacted fine to earlier bars in the same shipment. I have no known allergies or food sensitivities.

By chance, were you traveling when you had the issues? Were your bars subjected to heat before you ate them, when you reacted?

I’ve PMed my details to Conor, so hopefully I’ll have more details from the Soylent team soon.


I’ve done it many times. It’s not a big deal. If you have a good spam filter (e.g., use a good major email provider), you’ll be OK. If not, you’ll get tons of spam whether you post your email address here or not.

Yeah, not like it’s not out there anyway.

The curious thing for me (and I felt very nauseated from bars as best I can tell) is these symptoms mirror my reaction to Soylent v1.1 which had “enzymes” to try and reduce gas. I would get REALLY warm feeling and then about 3-4 hours (if I recall correctly) after drinking 500ml I would vomit my guts out.

The symptoms I felt after eating Food Bar were similar minus the vomiting. If I did vomit I’d say the symptoms were similar although the nausea and feeling warm were less intense with Food Bar.


I did, Conor. Jean felt there is something in the bar I am allergic to or sensitive to. But the first shipment wasn’t a problem for me. The drink continues to be enjoyable.