Nausea and vomiting several times after eating food bars


I did before I even found this thread. They’ve already refunded me.

On a side note, I got a shipment of chocolate Twennybars from Joylent (European knockoff Soylent company) yesterday. They’re nowhere near as good as the Soylent Food Bars. I really hope Rosa Labs finds a resolution to this problem so I can get more Soylent bars. :slight_smile:


I messaged Soylent directly two days ago (the same time I first posted my problem to this tread). They just emailed me back a few minutes ago. They refunded my order, and also are providing me with a shipping label so that I can send the remaining suspect bars back to them for investigation.

So they are definitely taking this problem seriously and, it seems, doing their due diligence to get to the bottom of the issue.

This sort of great customer service is just one of the reasons that I will still be a customer in the future (once this issue is fixed), even after a mishap like this.


Like you I received a response from Soylent two days after I reported the issue. My order was refunded - they did not ask me about sending them a bar. I think their customer service is excellent.

I have enjoyed a 2.0 almost every morning (since March) and will continue to do so. Great product.


I think MentalNomad’s idea was around people experiencing subsequent issues after the first one. The first experience would have been “real”, and either due to the bar or due to something else. But then subconsciously they would experience reactions when eating uneffected bars later.

It’s an interesting theory. I know I had no desire to eat another bar even before I consciously identified the bars as the issue. But if i had “forced” myself too, who knows.

I think he has a point. It’s one of the reasons I haven’t tried a bar from a later batch. I don’t want to “ruin” the bars for myself if they ever figure out what is going on and “fix” it.


You apparently don’t understand Twitter. It is absolutely possible to post something like the following: “see the following link to read my 24-volume essay on how horrible Food Bars are!” In fact, I read a lot of links fromTwitter and I’m not the only one. The character limit is basically similar to a limit on headline size and doesn’t necessarily affect the length of your comment.


Exactly. Except that I’d say the nausea on later incidents is real nausea, too, even if it’s an involuntary and unconscious response. The cause of the sickness is internal, but the feeling of sickness is totally real.

Conditioned taste aversion doesn’t require something you don’t like - it just requires getting really sick afterwards. I loved my toasted pitas. And @BitBucket probably enjoyed the ice cream topping and hot dogs when he was five. (You know many 5-year-olds that dislike hot dogs?)

Dr.(?) Garcia’s original work in the area was on feeding sugar-water to rats. Rats normally love sugar-water and prefer it to regular water… but after giving it to them the first time, he dosed them with high levels of radiation, making them sick. After recovering, most of them refused sugar-water. (Something like 90% refused the sugar-water after getting sick, if I recall correctly. Totally not normal.)


Sent to customer service moments ago:

My box of bars was delivered 08/20.
I ate several bars without incident.
I vomited 09/15 for the first time in years.
Upon reflection, I consumed a full bar a few hours prior.
I vomited today, 10/05, a few hours after consuming three bites of a bar.
Three rounds of vomiting and two diarrhetic episodes with little warning.
I ate much less of this bar and am much more violently ill.
There was a bright green liquid/gelatinous substance on the inner wrapper of today’s bar.
I ate it anyways, confident in my ability to digest anything natural.
It otherwise smelled and tasted fine.
I am a great fan of the 2.0 but would please insist on a refund for the bars.
I have 14 remaining bars which I will discard.
I first want to open a few and check for green slime, but must wait til my stomach stabilizes.
Batch numbers of remaining bars: 01:28 & 01:33 B.B. 14JUL17 F3 1966.


I really like the food bars. Plain soylent is almost painfully bland on it’s own & many of the reviews seem to hate on the bar for actually having a taste. One even said it lacks “the bland taste that we all have come to love with Soylent” which is so far from the truth for me it’s not even funny. I’m still working on my backlog of 1.4 & would really rather be drinking 2.0, since not only is it more convenient, the taste is a whole lot better.


Seems like I have a batch that matches the numbers of the 1966 variety. I have had 4 bars without issue, and I enjoyed the ones I consumed. I would like to know the average consensus so far. What is the possibility overall that I may be affected at this time if I continue to consume the rest of the box? It seems pretty risky at this point, and I’d prefer not to take my chances playing russian food-lette. Could I get a refund for the bars I have not consumed?


Rosa Labs will always offer a refund if you are unsatisfied. Feel free to message me if you are going to discard the bars. I will take the bars off your hands if you are just going to discard them, I will cover shipping.

(I have offered to cover shipping for peoples unconsumed bars, but no takers yet. People either want to sell me the bars at the regular price, but if they are getting refunded for the bars - I am not paying a cent for them - I will simply cover shipping costs, you already got your money back, don’t throw them away… I will eat them.)


I’ll echo @naten. I’ll pay shipping for any bars you don’t want/got refunded!

Totally cool to be a test dummy… For Science!


Ran across this earlier today on a box of cereal:

“New Users: A very small percentage of individuals, particularly some nurses and other health care providers who have been exposed to psyllium dust, may develop a sensitivity to psyllium. This sensitivity may result in an allergic reaction.”

On the side of a box of Kellogg’s All-Bran Buds.

So perhaps there’s some ingredient in Food Bar and Soylent Powder that people actually are developing a sensitivity to over time. I’m not saying it’s psyllium of course but if a sensitivity can occur with that then it could occur with something else.


Add me to the list. Had this happen about ~3 hours after eating one on 9/26. I had nothing but water and a Soylent bar to eat all morning.

EDIT: I have the same bars as the OP! lol wow

“2:07 B.B. 14JUL17 F3 1966”


If you haven’t already, report it with batch numbers to They’ll likely issue a refund if you want one.


Any word on this from Soylent?


We are investigating still. From our initial data the bars are safe. We believe the problem is people have an intolerance to a certain ingredient. We have tested the production runs we keep for testing as well as bars sent directly to us via consumers who reported illness. We even taste those bars ourselves. We are still working to find the exact cause but the bars are safe to consume. Again our data points to certain consumers having an ingredient intolerance.

Food Bars - safe to order more after "outbreak"?

But what ingredient?


We’re leaning towards Soy.


I have no soy intolerance as far as soy milk or tofu or soybeans go what so ever. Is the soy processed somehow?


I’ll restate in case I forgot to include it in my original post, but had been eating Soylent 1.5 as my primary, sometimes exclusive, food source for about 2-3 months before I tried the bars with no ill effect. Also, I’ve eaten plenty of soy based products in the past. Sooooo, I’m not sure if soy would be most likely culprit.
Plus, wouldn’t that imply that the same proportion of people should be getting sick from the Soylent drink?