Nausea and vomiting several times after eating food bars


I did, Conor. Jean felt there is something in the bar I am allergic to or sensitive to. But the first shipment wasn’t a problem for me. The drink continues to be enjoyable.


Hi Raylingh. To answer your travel questions, none. I ate upon receipt of package, and then again the following week, having given credit of the first reaction to a virus.


I had the exact same experience. Drink 2.0 and love it. Ate a couple of the bar from my box and was fine. Last Friday, I ate one for breakfast and about an hour later began to feel nauseous. I had to run to the bathroom to vomit and then vomited once more and had awful diarrhea. I also assumed that it was a virus. This morning, I had about 1/3 of a bar and had an even more violent reaction. I vomited a total of seven times and had several runs of the runs. This was all the more “AWESOME” because I am a teacher and this happened at school. I have had to leave work sick for the past 2 Fridays, My batch number was BI-OOCAR. I also noticed that one of my bars was sticky. I didn’t eat that one yet – but had it in my lunch bag and then just thought it was sticky because something else spilled on it. But might be a case similar to yours. My body could not get it out fast enough. Soylent needs to figure this out – I can’t believe it was just a “reaction”. I even cancelled by 2.0 subscription because I just can’t trust the product anymore.




meaning Raylingh I had batch 16:02 BB 14JUL17 F# 1966


I haven’t gotten sick from any bars, but I never recorded what the old ones I had were stamped (since I had no reason to). The current one I’m eating says: 11:16 B.B. 14JUL17 F3 1976.


16:02 B.B. 14JUL17 F3 1966 - hmm slight difference from my batch which was 1966


@jteach, thanks for sharing your experience. As @Conor has suggested, could you please email a description of your issue to That way all of our experiences will be documented in a location where the Soylent customer service team can respond.

Also, you may want to ask for a refund (if you have not already).


@Raylingh. yes already reported and communicated with Soylent. Was not to happy with the response – they did refund my money but told me not to eat them if I “did not enjoy”. It seems they are approaching this as a personal reaction rather than a real issue. I have missed work for 2 days as a result of the issue.


@jteach, I’m sorry to hear that. That’s very concerning. We’ve had at least 3 reports of vomiting due to Soylent bars on this thread, all of them from “14JUL17 F3 1966”. Could you PM @Conor with your ticket # if you got one? Hopefully he can ensure that things are looked into. I haven’t got any response yet from customer support.

I also lost 2 days, while I was traveling abroad. Horrible experience. I hope that my datapoint can at least help identify what went wrong so that others don’t have to go through the same thing.

@Conor: For what its worth, I still have one of the faulty bars in my possession (I only took a bite out of it). I can send it in if it would be helpful for your analysis.


@Raylingh – Yes, I offered to return as well and that is when I got “We only want you to consume Soylent products you enjoy” – go ahead and discard. I am seriously considering contacting the FDA.


I had a slightly similar experience. I offered to return the unused bars in case they wanted to capture them or test them or something but they weren’t interested. I ended up getting a refund no problem but it’s a bit concerning that they don’t bother capturing possible bad batches. I’ve kept my remaining Food Bars in my pantry just in case they’d need them in the future or the FDA asks for them or something.


@BitBucket – Did you report to FDA?


For the record here my bars are:

ON BOX ITSELF: B1-00CAR Best By 1976 14JUL17 0716

ON BAR WRAPPERS: 10:02 B.B. 14JUL17 F3 1976

Hope it helps someone. Since some are 1976 and others 1966 I suspect it’s some ingredient that makes people ill though I have no idea what. Even so, there should be some kind of warning on the box and bars warning people with a whatever sensitivity. Before Soylent I never really experienced symptoms like this before. Usually food poisoning is slow like a train building up speed for me, but the Food Bar was like Tesla in Ludicrous Mode.


Nope but the more that’s added to this thread it’s tempting.

I never vomited from them but I was as close as I can get without ever vomiting. The experience wasn’t too dissimilar from the bad extreme vomiting I had with Soylent Powder v1.1 .


In my support emails the person said they didnt’ want them back but I was free to discard them or give them away to someone else who may enjoy them. And I’m thinking, give away food that almost made me vomit several times to someone? Srrsly?


My latest box has numbers similar to yours. No problems. The other two or three boxes I’ve had were also fine. I have a friend who quite often has symptoms similar to yours, but she doesn’t consume Soylent.


I’d take them if they’re still sealed. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d say consume at your own risk; we’ve had 4 reports of pretty serious nausea and 3 of vomiting. However if you do happen to react violently (while not having reacted that way before), that would be further strong evidence that something is wrong with these specific bars. That’s essentially what happened with me.


I would also take still-sealed Soylent for testing purposes. I’ve had “bad” Soylent before, most recently when I went back to 1.5 after having been on 1.6 for awhile, I got a bag that I couldn’t finish and had to pour down the drain. But of course I’ve had many, many “good” bags of 1.5 and all the 1.6s I’ve had. I never had a bad 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 or 2.0 or Bar.