Nausea issue with adding additional oil to 1.5

I have been drinking 1.5 for about a month straight for lunch and I’m having increasing nausea during the afternoon after I finish drinking it. I make two servings at a time, 2 scoops of soylent, 4 scoops of water, 1 tbs nutella, 1 tsp flax seed oil and 1 tsp canola oil, and one banana. I refrigerate it and drink a 16oz glass the next day for lunch and one the following day. Both days I have been getting nauseated. I have tried drinking it very slowly, over the course of an hour, but it’s still happening. None of these added ingredients make me feel bad on their own. Has anyone experienced this or have any suggestions or ideas as to why this may be happening? I first tried soylent in the fall of 2014 and had this problem only a couple of times. Now it is occurring daily. I thought maybe it would go away after a while but it hasn’t. I really don’t want to give it up and try and find something for lunch every day but I’m afraid I may have to.

Why are you adding all that extra oil??

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These are the substitute oils I have used from the beginning rather than the original fish oil and now the new formula. They are not “extra” oils.

The difference in ingredients between soylent in the fall of 2014 and now is sunflower oil, careegenan, flax?isomaltulose and probably some varieties of vitaminerals.

Have you ever taken multivitamins or DHA pills? If so did you feel like that on them? I ask this because consuming anything with DHA in it (even a tiny amount) makes me very dizzy (vertigo).

I have taken some multivitamins without any issue but not specifically DHA. I know flax converts to DHA and I have taken flax for extended periods of time with no issues.

I did not order the original fish oil because I’m vegetarian but I understand they changed the oil. I haven’t been able to figure out how to add it to my order so I just continued to use the flax and canola like I did before. Is that even still necessary now?

I’m looking at the ingredients and just don’t see anything that jumps out as something that would make me feel nauseated.

Ok, upon further reading, version 1.4 says no oils are needed. If this is still the case I don’t need the added oils but I would maintain that 1/2 tsp of flax and canola per serving are not the culprit in the nausea dilemma. Still searching for answers…

Soylent 1.4 and 1.5 already have all the oil you used to have to add separately incorporated into the powder (the oil is in there as microdroplets encapsulated in maltodextrin), so by adding as much oil as you used to add to the earlier Soylents (a touch more, with the Nutella), you’re more or less doubling the amount of oil in every swallow.

I’m not opposed to a high-fat diet, but I think that drinking that much oil might make me a little queasy.


Yes, I see that I do not need to use the extra oil. I took a break and things changed! I’m still not convinced that such a small amount is causing this nausea that lasts for hours though. It’s pretty intense for a total of 1 teaspoon of extra oil per serving. I will definitely try it without the oil though. And the nutella just in case. Thank you.

I got excited to start up again and didn’t read the release notes. That was dumb.

My first thought is have you tried Soylent without any added ingredients? It may not taste very good but it would be a way of figuring out if it’s the Soylent or a combination of the other ingredients.

I remade it without any added oil or other stuff. I don’t mind the taste so I’ll try it. Thanks.

You could have a fructose malabsorbtion problem. Soylent has lots of fructose, half the sugar content. Either too much total fructose, or it is getting absorbed too fast. I would try skipping the nutella and banana since they both have fructose or adding a bit of fiber or fat to slow down absorbtion.

A serving of Soylent has a little less than half the fructose of half of a small apple and about the same fiber content as a full small apple. That is hardly “lots” of fructose. Isomaltose digests slowly and the fiber of Soylent would slow it down more.


You’d think one teaspoon isn’t much difference, but you have to bear in mind that they didn’t just sneak the oil into the powder. They also raised the amount of oil (fat) in the formula significantly, so it’s already higher than the original, even before you add the extra oil! This may actually be a case of the straw, er, spoon, that broke the camel’s back.


That is a far stretch. I think the oils are the main culprit.


Also, it may have been two teaspoons (although she does say 1/2 plus 1/2 in a later post):

And, @motogirl, of course it was the extra oil. Have you ever tried drinking flax seed oil or canola oil on their own? It would make you nauseous. :cold_sweat:

Sometimes the obvious answer is the correct answer.

FWIW I’ve been experimenting with adding oil (fat) to both 1.4 and 1.5. I’ve tried canola, virgin olive and light olive oils. I’ve found that in addition to the 40% fat already in Soylent, I can get away with about 30-40ml of extra oil but I find much more than that gives me an uncomfortable dry-mouth sensation in the hours following… So for the moment I’m going to keep it under 40ml (about 3 tbsp)

Sorry if that wasn’t clear - it was two total teaspoons for two servings, so 1 total for one serving. I left it out today, as I will in the future because I didn’t read the newest notes before starting up again with 1.5 :blush: I still put in a banana but no nutella. I finished drinking it about 45 mins ago and I’m a little nauseated but not as much as I have been for the last several weeks. I feel oddly full, like I drank too much water, but not sated, which has been part of the problem. I would say I’m just just on the verge of nausea. I’m definitely feeling different with the 1.5 than I was a few versions ago. I’m going to see how it goes next week, maybe leaving out the banana as well. I’m not entirely convinced it’s not just the new formula. Thanks everyone for the feedback and pointing out my oil error!

Also will note that I used to take a full spoonful of flax seed oil on it’s own to supplement my crappy diet (pre-soylent) and it didn’t make me nauseated then. Reading the caloric content, however, did make me want to throw up.

Neither am I. It’s entirely possible your stomach doesn’t like one or more of the new ingredients or the new macronutrient ratios. Time will tell.

This is how I feel, although the nauseated feeling mostly happened when I had a 3 scoop (1.5) serving for one meal. I have been trying 1 scoop servings over a few hours, eg, breakfast, mid morning, lunch, mid afternoon (basically two serves, spread out from morning to mid afternoon) and it has worked a little better but still not 100%. Yesterday I had one slice of whole wheat toast and a coffee with my Soylent for lunch and that definitely helped. I’d love to know what is causing is as it (sugar, sodium, carbs) would help me understand my diet overall. I find I often have problems with blood sugar if I don’t eat whole wheat bread and oats in general.

On the plus side, I do however get a weird mellow buzz from the Soylent and don’t feel hungry in the evening.