Nausea & vomiting 3.5h after Soylent 1.6

Last Tuesday, I had a single serving of Soylent 1.6 powder mixed at the normal ratio that morning, for lunch at Noon. At 3:30pm, I started feeling ill, and by 3:45 i was throwing up. I threw up 3 times total, and felt generally OK after that.

I got rid of that batch of Soylent.

This morning (6 days later), i opened a new bag of 1.6 powder, made a new batch and let it sit in the fridge until noon. At noon I had another glass (1 serving). Its currently 4pm (EST), and I’m feeling queasy again.

I’m on the final 2-bags of a 1WK-V6 box. This batch was manufactured 07-20-2016, best by 07-17-2017. Batch #L6188.

I had no problems with the first 5-bags of the 7 in this box.

I’m a fairly long-time regular user, coming from v1.2, to 1.5, now 1.6. I consume Soylent roughly 3-5 times a week during lunch M-F.

Update at 4:20

Yup, just pulled the trigger and puked 3 times. Feeling better but not 100%.

There’s a thread about people getting ill from 1.6 here:

And somewhat related people getting sick from Food Bars here:

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I would blame the algae but no reports from 2.0. Or perhaps it’s the powderized algae?

One thing to note is that the pattern is similar to other stories of getting sick: first box or several units are okay then second box or near the end of the first makes people vomit.

It happened to me with v1.1 powder, Food Bars and 1.6 powder.

Lmfao why would you blame the algae

I obviously don’t have enough data to do so. But by deduction what else is the commonality? I doubt it’s tainted ingredients, rather a mis-engineered one. We will never know since RL is such a secretive company.

Interesting. On my 3rd or 4th meal of 1.6, I felt so queasy I didn’t dare keep drinking. I put it down to me not liking the taste. But maybe I had the same issue. In any case, I stopped drinking it.

Walk me through your deduction, as it leads to algae specifically

One idea I had, and I admit it’s just a conjecture, is that there’s some ingredient that’s consumed that accumulates in the body over time and makes people sick.

A variation of this would be some compound that’s created (or destroyed I guess as well) over time by some ingredient(s) in Rosa Labs products. I’m just thinking aloud here though.

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Wildest guesses I would make; if at all

Mold - allergies.

Seems to fill over 90% of the issues reported, both of which I’m confident Ross labs will remedy, if and when the price is right

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Don’t worry, your investment in Solazyme is safe (for now).

You could be right, but it seems more likely to be just an allergy. Generally you become more sensitized to an allergy over time. That’s how poison ivy works — most people have no reaction the first time they touch it, but each exposure makes it more likely you’ll break out, then once you break out, each exposure will be more severe.


More likely that solazyme engineered their algae wrong. This will give Food Babe more anti-GMO ammunition. This is exactly what they feared.

How much more likely? 10%? 25%?

Shoot me an excel spread sheet, we could compare data!

100%, Mr. Completely Impartial.

I had a very similar experience, I posted over on reddit.

I’m a long time 1.5 user (2 servings a day) and also buy a box of 2.0 every month. The other day, I had a very similar experience. I vomited 3.5 hours after eating 1.6 for breakfast.

I didn’t think it was 1.6 as this was the 6th bag out of my first box. The batch is #L6196, dated 072016.

I do recall getting nauseous one day on the previous pitcher, but didn’t make the connection then.

Holy sh*t, I puked my guts out on Tuesday a few hours after having a 1.6 shake. Thank the heavens I was working from home that day. I thought it was from too much coffee + not enough food (which has NEVER resulted in vomiting before). I’m talking violent projectile vomiting.

I had some this morning, but so far so good. Edit - maybe psychosomatic/sympathetic neausa, but have started to feel queasy This makes me seriously nervous.

I’m at a loss as to how to proceed, other than throwing the stuff out.

Alright at this point it is a little suspicious. @Conor What’s the scoop?

Report it to RL I think it’s

Thinking about it I did have a single bad diarrhea experience (quite rare for me) after I tried flavoring 1.6 with coffee. I thought it was the coffee (I’m a serious coffee drinker) but maybe it was the 1.6

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Will do. Emailing now.