Ne1 have to pee more on 2.0 Original?

Trying to get back to Soylent again and seems to be going well as of day 2 but def have to pee more.

? Is this serious?

Unless you’re sweating a lot or in a place with really dry air, liquid in = liquid out. Some things (e.g. caffeine) will make you pee more when you first have it, but that’s temporary, fairly soon your internal water volume hits equilibrium. Maybe you had a low-liquid diet before switching to Soylent?

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There are even TV commercials about people who have to pee more as they get older (and recommending certain medicine for them), so this is not some kind of weird phenomenon. The explanation that older people drink more liquid doesn’t sound likely. Repeat, this is a very common phenomenon even among people who have never heard of Soylent. I have a similar problem and I suspect it is a bad development in my diabetes 2. I am going to my doctor in about a month and will report if she has anything interesting to say about it. My problem does in fact get worse if I drink Soylent, though I suspect that it would also worsen if I drank any other nutritive meal replacement or even shakes. If I just eat bread or potatoes or pizza or a hamburger or Soylent Squares the problem doesn’t happen.

Yes, I’m serious. I actually drink less liquid when I’m on soylent.

Its weird but not as weird as some of the other things I’ve experienced since being a backer way back when.

Just curious.

yes I do yes I do yes I do