Nectar 2.0 Flavor

So I tried the Soylent 2.0, Cacao, and Powder 1.8. All have really impressed me. I just tried the Nectar 2.0 this morning and WHAT THE HECK DID I PUT IN MY MOUTH! It has the strangest flavor ever, and almost tastes like a chemical concoction. The only food I can even remotely compare it to is Laiji fruit (from China) mixed with Lemon, and that is doing a GREAT disservice to Laiji and Lemon lol!

My theory (for what it’s worth) is that someone’s taste for Nectar usually (but not always) directly correlates to their taste for Froot Loops or Fruity Pebbles cereals.

If you like those cereals, you’ll probably like Nectar. If you don’t like them or have never had them, you’ll probably hate it.

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I love it, IDK what kinda crack you’re on. haha

I love fruit loops and fruity pebbles and while I do agree that it shares a very similar taste for some reason I have a hard time drinking the stuff. It tastes like something that isn’t meant to be consumed. I’m not sure why.

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I agree. The problem is that it tastes like chemicals, pure and simple. The only thing that I can say resembles it is Pine-Sol or something similar.