Nectar and cacao blog post

It says Amazon sales are supposed to begin on January 10th, so I guess that’s confirmation that Amazon jumped the gun on them.


They did, but it’s nice to see the positive reaction.


@Conor time for a RR AMA?

The Amazon Subscribe & Save option appeared and then disappeared. What happened with that? Will it be back?

That is on Amazon’s side, so I can’t answer that question currently.


Ah, so no Flavour Sampler Pack?

We’re working on it.


Cool, I’ll definitely be trying that.

Looks like some enterprising seller is already offering a variety pack at a markup on

Amazon Subscribe and Save is available on Cacao, Coffiest, and Original. Nectar is not currently available on Amazon.

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Wonder why Nectar was removed?

We only sent a limited amount to amazon for the first delivery. More is on the way. But we had planned and set a schedule around a Jan 10th amazon launch.


I will most likely put a case of each on my next subscribe and save order of it’s in stock. 15% discount and cash back baby!

How do you get cash back?

@naten can say for sure, but I assume he means he gets 1% back from all credit card purchases.


Yeah, @Ode, what’s in your wallet?

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But that would apply to also. They are “on the list” so to speak.

Wallets are obsolete.

google wallet is not :smiley:

5% cash back using my Amazon rewards card.

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Amazon has 5% cash back with their store rewards card.

It’s definitely one of the most amazing cards out there, if you use Amazon with any sort of regularity. It’s only for use on the Amazon site, but the cashback is applied automatically every month and they have a few other minor perks like the option to choose 0% financing on certain larger items.

With the 15% S&S discount and the 5% off from the store card, going through Amazon is pretty much cheaper than the original 2.0 pricing with a subscription.