Nectar flavour discontinued!


We always want to let our subscribers know about
upcoming news first. After serving with honor and distinction, Soylent’s
Nectar flavor will soon be “spending more time with its family.” But
don’t worry—we have a great new delicious flavor on the way. You’ll hear
more soon.

(What’s that? A clue? We couldn’t. Ask the Rose Family…)

Stock up on Nectar while supplies last. And if you’d like to try
one of our other flavors in the meantime, say, a variety pack of new
flavors like Cafe Vanilla or Chai, please enjoy a 30% off discount using
the code ------ by adding a new subscription.

Nectar Out!

Well this sucks - it’s my 2nd favourite flavour, easily. (Vanilla being #1)

My biggest question is - can I swap in another flavour while retaining my grandfathered price I had for my Nectar subscription? (IDK if the code is permanent or for 1 shipment only) If not, consider me pissed off.


What grandfathered price for Nectar sub? Hasn’t it always been $37.05, the same as every flavor minus Original?


I wondered when this was coming. While Nectar did have it’s fans (e.g. @smeggot), the overwhelming reaction was negative. I never even tried it because I don’t care for sweet drinks and a “way too sweet” was a frequent complaint.

Ask the Rose family? So will the next one be more floral? I’d say maybe flavored with rose hips, they’re a nice flavor but too obscure I would think. I often eat a rose hip or two when I walk by a bush that has them, but most people I’ve spoken to didn’t even know they were edible.


I always felt like ‘Floral’ was more or less where they were trying to go with Nectar in the first place, so Rose isn’t going to be surprising. I think the name may make the flavor easier to handle too, since there were a fair number who were turned off by a gap between expectation and reality. Once I got over the confusion, it was my second favorite flavor.

The other trick is that floral isn’t a flavor most palettes are comfortable with, whether it’s rose hips or other edible flowers, and the link is closer between a flower and perfume than it is between flowers and food. I still feel that there’s still a gap in this space generally where it’s hard to take something with all of everything and have it be instantly recognizable to the brain on consumption as a familiar food. Cacao is the closest of Soylent’s stuff of what I’ve had (still haven’t tried Chai), but I’m always looking forward to what’s next.


Nectar was in a 3 way tie for my favorite flavor (Original and Chai are the other two, too bad Chai has caffeine), with Cacao either also tied or very close behind them depending on the day.


Definitely SUCKS! Nectar was my favorite as well ever since it came out. Always have it for breakfast, reminds me of fruit loops as a child over 40 years ago. Why can’t it remain in stock???


The replacement flavor tastes amazing! :yum::yum::yum:


Cant wait! (nectar disliker)


Same here. For me Nectar is second only to Cacao.

I’ve had one almost every night for the last several months, kind of like a dessert before bedtime. Oh well, all good things must come to an end.

I’m guessing strawberry (a plant in the rose family), or a fruity flavor that has a predominant strawberry note. Also in the rose family are cherries, apples, raspberries, pears, and almonds, any combination of which could potentially be very tasty. I’m also guessing that the name will be more interesting than “Strawberry,” in keeping with Soylent’s penchant for interesting product names.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully I’ll like it as much as I like Nectar, and others will like it more than they liked Nectar. Win/win.


The Soy Route mystery flavor turned out to be strawberry, so I’m thinking that is the new flavor.


Or maybe a combination of the Soy Route flavors: Strawberry-Beef. Mmmmm… fruity meaty goodness.


I think Nectar is amazing.


Can’t say I’m too sad to see Nectar go, since I was not a fan – though I think it could have been reformulated into something good if they just toned down the sweetness and the lemon notes a bit. Anyway, I’m super psyched for the new flavor. I third the guess that it will be Strawberry, or at least I certainly hope it will be. The Soy Route mystery strawberry was delicious. Just like strawberry nesquik! That would go right in my rotation for sure.


:disappointed_relieved: Same here, very very much so… :pensive: I’m honestly heartbroken they’re discontinuing it, it was the ONLY flavor I liked out of ALL of them! :disappointed_relieved: I absolutely hated the coffee one (SO bitter!!:confounded:) and I haaated the cacao, WAY too strong of a chocolate flavor and not nearly sweet enough for me… and chai was just… lousy. Like watered down horchata with all the sweetness taken out of it… :confused:

I’m at a loss at this point… :persevere: Due to recent car trouble, hospital bills, and painfully long sickness that incapacitated me for over half a month, I DEFINITELY can’t afford to buy up a bunch like I want, even with the highest tier discount :cry: I wish I could ask them to hold like 45 cases for me, enough to carry me over to next year and hopefully enough time to find a solution…

(Even when I had the early access from the original Kickstarter campaign, I never did find any flavorings I liked, nor was I able to really calibrate the sweetness just right… then Nectar was released and I took a gamble buying a case expecting to be underwhelmed and I ended up LOVING it. Now when my last 2 cases run out, I’ll be back to nothing… since I didn’t like any other flavor, I don’t have much faith anymore in the new one… I may have to discontinue altogether…)

:disappointed: This is an awful note to end my night on. Sigh.


It’s $42.75 now. As soon as I swap in anything, it’ll be $42.75. Unless the coupon discount is permanent, not just for the first shipment or whatever.

Note: I’m in Canada.


I certainly hope this decision was made based on extremely poor sales of the Nectar because it is a huge mistake to listen to the noisy minority. I can better understand if it is just not cost effective to continue with that flavor because of poor sales.

I for one liked the flavor. It tasted exactly like a spoon full of fruitloops.


It’s crazy how polarizing this flavor has been. I feel bad for the people who did enjoy it. Personally, I took my first sip of Nectar yesterday, and was trying really hard to think “fruity pebbles” (I love froot loops and fruity pebbles!), but it tasted… like a batch of cleaning chemicals. It took some mental willpower to force down the rest of the bottle. Only 11 bottles to go.

If the new flavor is Strawberry, that sounds right up my alley.


I just hope it’s a nice subtle strawberry flavor (like strawberry ice cream) and not that horribly artificial strawberry Nesquik flavor.


Somebody on Reddit posted a list of all the plants in the Rose family – it includes plums, cherries, peaches, apricots, and almonds…


No. I LOVE froot loops. love. But nectar caused me to gag while drinking it and when I tried to force it down it came right back up. All I could taste was chemical/cleaner