Nectar flavour discontinued!


Nobody answered that yet. I’d really like to know. (Note: I’m talking Canadian price)



If the Nectar flavor is to be discontinued, would Soylent be willing to disclose the flavoring recipe? It’s the only flavor that my wife loves and I’d like to be able to make something that still tastes similar to it for her. She loves the flavor of milk at the bottom of a bowl of cereal and that’s exactly what Nectar reminds her of (but I’m not planning on buying fruity pebbles for the purpose of flavoring).


Even if they were to give you the recipe, you probably wouldn’t be able to get the ingredients. I remember when I was making my own DIY soylent, I had to make do with off the shelf stuff because there was no way I could order in bulk to get more specific ingredients. It’s very possible I’m wrong and you could reproduce the flavor with common ingredients. I wish you luck in any case.


I recently ordered a case of Nectar and neither my husband or I were fans. It seems a shame to waste ten full bottles, maybe I can send them to you if shipping isn’t exhorbinant?


Very bummed. I loved nectar. Tasted like left over cereal milk after some fruity pebbles or something. If the new flavor is “Rose” I have no interest. Can’t stand rose flavored anything.


This was 3 months ago, still we are stuck with only 1 flavor that isn’t caffeinated.

Apologies for the necro, but the necro sorta makes the point…


Do you not count Original as a flavor?


I wouldn’t.


They offer two bottled products that aren’t caffeinated; whether or not we call Original a flavor or whatever doesn’t really matter.


The point of Original is that it pretty much doesn’t have a flavor, no?

I’m still happy with my Soylent, I’ve been devouring it for 2.5 years now, but I really hope that RL takes a good look at how this was handled and doesn’t do this again in the future. Nectar was probably half of my food intake, and like many other people I avoid caffeine like the plague.

They canceled one of only 2 non-caffeinated flavors, telling us there was already a replacement, but 3 months later we still haven’t heard anything about it.

It’s just not a good customer experience, and I know that RL is trying to have a great customer experience.


@Cerril apples are from the rose family…


Yeah earlier in the thread somebody pointed out that a lot of fruits are in that family, so most likely it’ll be another fruity flavor. I should have thought more outside the box when I made my comment.

But sheesh, four months ago it’s teased, with Conor bragging about how good it tastes, and it’s still not officially announced! I was hoping for a new Soylent flavor for Christmas. Or at least knowing exactly what it will be.


This is an old thread, and the logic of the decision to discontinue Nectar remains valid. Nevertheless, I wish it hadn’t been made. I stocked up on Nectar when the announcement was made, but I can now see the end of the line coming in a few months. Maybe it can be tweaked back to life.


Not to mention, if the new flavor is Strawberry – which I strongly suspect it will be – they had a prototype version of it already prepared back in April or so when they sold “mystery flavor” bottles as part of the bitcoin-only promotion. I know Soylent is a “small company” and that there’s surely a lot of work that must go into getting each new product ready for market – especially after the PR blowback from the algal flour reactions, which I imagine has inspired Soylent to beta test everything VERY thoroughly – but I’m really struggling to understand why it is taking so long to roll out a replacement for Nectar.

IIRC, Cacao and Nectar debuted shortly after New Years 2017. Fingers crossed that we will have at least one new and tasty Soylent option in time for that anniversary. :strawberry::strawberry::strawberry::banana::banana::banana::cake::cake::cake:


I stopped buying soylent after Nectar was discontinued, hoping to hop back on when the new flavor was released. Still hasn’t happened! And new years hit, so looking for other quick meal fixes…

Has anyone found a nutritional shake or meal replacement that tasted similar to nectar? I know this is an old thread but maybe over the months a fan here has found something and forgot to share it…



Welp. That came and went. :frowning:


Tomorrow. :ok_hand:t4:


I’ve tried working chocolate into Soylent, but quickly found it distasteful, however, the slightest amount of Strawberry syrup negates the grittiness I noted in plain Soylent that led me to searching for something to mask it. Additionally, it is delicious. I use about the same amount I would add to a tall glass of milk to my pitcher and it makes Soylent absolutely pleasant.

I do want to try blending in a banana flavour, or actual banana when I get a proper blender again.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what new flavours will pop up. Coffiest is not so great, and I love coffee. I’m fair to middle on the vanilla, and enjoy the Chai. Never got to try the Nectar one though.


It’s discontinued? That’s a shame to hear. I enjoyed it. It tasted sort of like the milk left after a bowl of off-brand Froot Loop cereal. I would’ve ordered more when I pick up Soylent again. Ah well.


You are the reason they had to discontinue. Thanks… :persevere: