Nectar flavour discontinued!


I had my hopes up for a second there, but based on the image from the email I think I have to agree with the people who are expecting flavored powder. Maybe we’ll get really lucky and it’ll be both? Conceivably, I could see them trying to match the powder flavors with the Drink line, so maybe they’ll release cacao and strawberry powder concurrently with introducing a strawberry Drink flavor.


So now it’s 5 months later, and we still don’t know what the flavor would be.

I am sick to death of Cacao. Like, my gag reflex kicks in when I try to drink it, as that and plain are my only 2.0 options.

I’ve been using soylent for over 2 years now, and am finally giving up and moving off to an alternative, as RL has completely abandoned an alternative, non-caffeinated flavor for 5 straight months now, despite telling us something new was coming.

New products arrive, still no new flavor.

I’m out. It was fun while it lasted.


Unfortunately I can’t make the product cycle move faster. I understand the frustration. Nothing has been abandoned. I hope when the new RTD flavors launch they can win you back.


Heh, I don’t blame you personally, I know it’s not within your realm of control. Still love you, Conor.

I just wish there was more overall thought at higher levels about the customers who are re-forming their lives around these products.


I like that “s” on the end of “flavor.”


Yes, we have a lot of flavors in design. One of our food scientists is the same person who designed the majority of vitamin water flavors.


Love you too. I did not take any offense or blame. We think a lot about customers which is why this takes time. For example if we put out a blueberry flavor and the flavor starts to turn bad after 8 months we must consider those consumers who stockpile. We need our product to honor the “from date of production” expiration stance we have taken. I know it’s frustrating. Product launches are my favorite times of each quarter since I get to not deliver bad news and instead get to see people happy! So when dates move internally it bums me out as well. I regularly communicate discourse and reddit communities thoughts to the company at large. Additionally most of the company does lurk these boards.


You heard it here first: the next flavor is officially Blueberry.



I kid, I kid!!!


Ok, my reading-between-the-lines / wild speculation from @Conor’s response:

The process for testing the shelf life of new products – to make sure they live up to their expiry date – takes time. The time needed for that testing is part of the reason new product rollouts can take so long. My guess is that the Nectar replacement is currently undergoing shelf-life testing. Or, alternatively, that there was some delay during that part of the process – maybe they reformulated to enhance the shelf-life? – that pushed back the launch.


Quite a few flavors are undergoing stability testing. Additionally we need to ensure they can handle high heat, low temperatures etc, without losing their vitamin content.


I would recommend in the future not cancelling a flavor until its replacement is ready for release. Then this kind of gap won’t happen. I also recommend bringing back nectar, so…


Unfortunately. It will happen in the future. The reality of production and product development times mean there will always be large gaps in flavors. You don’t notice it in larger companies because they have more facilities active. We are still small so with our limited amount of co manufacturers gaps like this are far more noticeable.

The removal of nectar was done because it was a highly unpopular flavor. We would rather devote the production space to other flavors as opposed to a flavor that turned many people off. While we enjoyed the flavor internally the reality is it was very polarizing. The removal of nectar was a business decision.


I remember nectar being unpopular; I was being a little facetious in encouraging its return. I did not know, though, that production capacity was still so limited. The overall professionalism and efficiency of things has improved so drastically over the last couple of years, I had assumed RL had become a more large-scale, corporatized business that would no longer be susceptible to these kinds of concerns. I’m fine with the gaps, myself, as long as I know something else will be coming out eventually.

I still have enough nectar to last me a few more months and enough milksplash to keep the regular 2.0 drinkable for probably a year. Then I will be reliant on the chocolate and morning coffee versions, and at that point I will feel the pain that others describe. I’m optimistic that something else will come out long before it comes to that for me.


We are growing, but in the grand schemes of things we are still small. When we look at our competition, we look towards Nestle, Pespi, etc.


I gave up on Soylent after they discontinued Nectar. It was a flavor I could never get bored of and the only other flavor I like is the original. I have just enough Nectar to last another month and until a replacement comes out I will not be purchasing Soylent again.


Any further information for new flavor?

I really missing Nectar.



Tr;dr we are making :strawberry:flavor RTD.


Nectar was really good. It was that unpopular that strawberry is the actual replacement?


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You heard it here first! We are targeting a late Summer 2018 launch of our new Strawberry 2.0 Drink! - Bryan