Nectar tastes really bad

I bought a case of Nectar flavor Soylent at Amazon. I don’t see a version number on the bottles. But the taste is terrible. The berry flavor itself seems fine, and I don’t mind the chalkiness, but I think there is something else there that makes me feel sick the more I drink–I can’t finish a bottle! Perhaps it is a need for more sweetening (the sweetener metabolizes slowly, but there is way too little of it).

Also, why was soy chosen for the protein instead of proven whey protein isolate?

I welcome replies that offer specific insight to these issues.


Soylent will not use whey because it isn’t vegan. Soy is arguably the best overall plant-based protein, when you factor in completeness, digestibility, and cost.


What is the definition and rationale for Vegan? Producing whey does not harm animals. Whey protein isolate contains no fat or anything else that might be considered ‘bad’, so far as I know.

The common definition of vegan is one who does not use any animal products. Specifically regarding dairy products, Wikipedia says:

To obtain milk from dairy cattle, cows are made pregnant to induce lactation; they are kept pregnant and lactating for three to seven years, then slaughtered.

Whey is derived from milk, and thus non-vegan.

Oh, and I hate Nectar too.


The reason Soylent is vegan is because Rob sees animal products as inefficient. You have to spend water, food, and other resources to raise the cows. It would be more efficient to spend those resources on humans.


We approach Veganism from the sustainability standpoint. Animal based products have a huge carbon and water footprints in comparison to purely plant based products.


FYI, there’s a dedicated thread here for feedback on Nectar and Cacao: Feedback on Nectar + Cacao. Mods might be able to combine this into that one; not sure how that works.

I’m very surprised you think it needs more sweetening. I find Nectar too sweet and too intensely flavored, so I’ve been cutting it 50% with Original.


Thanks, but I’m confused. I did post to the dedicated Nectar + Cacao feedback thread started by Conor. I’m always open to coaching, so perhaps I’m missing something. See attached.

I think the main issue I have with Nector is that it clearly tastes like chemicals mixed in a Soylent. It’s not really blending with it, and more sitting on top with it. Thus it seems more toxic when drinking it. It’s like the flavor they add to gumballs added to milk. It just doesn’t go together well.

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Your comment did show up in the correct place, @Woodster. I was referring to the present thread here from @DavidSpector, in case any mods wanted to fold it into the feedback thread.


This thread is fine. :slight_smile:

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Avoiding whey also makes it drinkable by those of us with allergies or intolerance to dairy.

Plus it is a significant differentiator. Most things remotely similar to Soylent use whey.


I think most people who are intolerant to whey have no problem digesting whey protein isolate. Have you actually ever tried ingesting WPI? It contains no lactose, hence does not need Lactase added for those of you who have allergies or intolerance to dairy products.

In addition to the taste coming from another planet… this may sound crazy, but it feels like this Nectar is releasing “fumes”, like alcohol, when I drink it. IDK. Smells weird, tastes weird, feels weird. Not good for food.

Lactose intolerance is different than dairy allergies which is different than dairy intolerance. People with dairy allergies are usually responding to the whey, not the lactose.

(Some people, even who have it, conflate the the issues. Eg there are “lactose intolerant” people who don’t benefit from lactose free milk or lactate.)


I have to agree. Nector tastes horrible.

It’s like they’ve taken the concept of “cheerios” milk too far. Cocca tasting like Coco Pops, and Nector tasting like the chemical milk from fruit loops. Made me gag…

Sticking to plain, coffee and the bars for now.


I think I am using version 2.0. I have tried both Original and Nectar multiple times, still unable to finish an entire bottle due to nausea and horrible tastes. I thought Original might taste a little like vanilla Ensure, but no such luck. Since you are using an artificial type of sugar that is metabolized slowly, why not make Soylent sweet, like Ensure? Then it might be palatable. This is so frustrating, since your ingredients seem so good.

Adding Stevia would make it sweeter. Why don’t you try it?

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Thank you, great idea. I will.

I tried this experiment, and it worked. But only a little. I would say that about a third of the bad taste for me was masked by stevia (“Better Stevia” from Now, pure extract of the stevia leaf).

But that still leaves something that causes a 66% nausea in me. How do others feel about Soylent 2.0? How do you feel after you add sugar or sugar substitute?

One problem with stevia testing is that it is hard to get just right because it is so intensely sweet. But the artificial sweetener that Soylent uses is a modified form of sugar that should be easier to use in testing, due to its being less critical in its amount.