Neebs Vlog - End of January - Depression Eating


Day 1 - So, it’s finally here, and after waiting for months and months (not as long as some) I have it, and I am sick… but I didn’t want to let that stop me from going all in, avoiding all advice to slowly ease into it. So I have downed about 1700 calories worth, using Canola Oil (3 tbs) instead of the fish oil, and a little under a 1/4 tsp of salt added, and it has been a strange day, feeling full, while your mind says “i need to snack and eat” its just odd, and something that is going to be hard for the first few days. I passed a Chinese place on my way home today and thought ohhhhhh that would be amazing right now. But I have issues, self control with food, and weight jumps that I do not want to deal with any more, so a constant 2000 calorie diet that is healthy is what I am wanting. First day video is fairly boring as I feel like crap, and changes are not going to start until a week or two in (if my body holds to its normal form) No gas, and no other issues so far, so that’s a plus! Let me know if you would like more of this! Starting weight 188.

Day 2-4 - Feeling fantastic on Day 4, lots of energy, very “hyper” i guess is the word I would use, I really can’t stay in one spot at work that well, just moving around a lot. I feel like if I wasn’t sick I would have to go run a mile or something. I’ve had soup for the last two nights, because when you are sick, having that nice warm broth helps mentally, a cold powdery liquid doesn’t seem to cut it. But it has been so strange to feel full, almost 24/7 for the last 4 days, I just can’t explain the feeling to those who have yet to try it. No gas smell still, that or my nose is still plugged up. Weight still bouncing around from 185-188.

Day 5 - Another great day, one thing I have yet to mention is I don’t “eat” soylent as a meal, i just sip on it through the day when I feel the need, most noticeable physical change, my skin feels smooth, like crazy smooth, no dry skin at all, and I am a bit amazed by this fast of a change, not something I would have thought to happen in 5 days. I just feel all around great, and now I am on my 2nd day of no Coke Zero (which I use to drink about 96 oz a day of) I’ve escaped having withdrawal headaches, this pretty much is going smoother than I would have ever imagined.

Day 7-9 - Friday I went out to eat for lunch at work with a coworker, who was buying, and I figured, hey why not, who knows if I will get my next order of soylent on time so I may as well grab a free meal, plus I love hamburgers! Well that was a bad idea, the first thing I noticed was I could feel in in my stomach, it was weird, the second thing, it just instantly drained all the energy out of me, I just was not the same after, all I wanted was that energy again, but I was working out of town and only had enough soylent for the morning. So, my conclusion, never again will I eat that much meat, I am thinking other foods with be ok, and I am going out to eat again this week, but I will be sticking with a vegan diet to see if that changes things. Other than that I have been at a full pitcher for the last 3 days, and I am holding weight, but feel like I am getting skinnier so, it seems I have a great balance, and I have yet to even start working out. Hopefully this week goes well, and I get my reorder email soon. (still no gas, I think I am in the clear!) Mornings are great, much better than before, and I have not had a single pop in 3 days, just water and soylent.

Day 10 - Today was a lesson learning day, yesterday I only drank about 60 oz of water, I just forget sometimes, I started getting massive muscle cramps, and just felt odd. I also had a coworker who smokes, and I have been craving it lately since I am smoking vapor, just stopped drinking pop, and was on my longest no food streak. I just wanted something bad! So I had a few cigarettes, holy hell, heart burn city, not sure why it did that, but I had a hard time putting down soylent with that heart burn. Its the only thing that changed today, so never again, I guess thats a good thing. So for those of you learning, dont smoke, and drink a LOT of water, (obvious advice) No new video today.

Day 26 - I’m alive! I feel great, can not even believe it’s been almost four weeks. Nothing really new learned, I have went down to half to 3/4 of a bag now, and still feel great, full, and energized. I think I am a lifetime member of the soylent clan now, I just don’t ever see stopping, it seems a bit pointless to eat 3 real meals a day now after I have finally adjusted to this life. A couple a week is about the right balance. All I can say to people waiting, it is worth the wait, it is soooooo worth the wait. Time to start working out, next step in the journey of this experiment. New Video!

Week 7ish? - I’ve lost track of the weeks, and I have been crazy busy, last week I had an interview for a promotion, and it was a 7am interview, before Soylent I was not a morning person, but I was up and ready to go at 5am, and I found out last Friday that I got the job. I’ve just been on a roll, and feel amazing still, I am at the point when I do have a “real” meal I don’t really enjoy it, and can feel it drag me down the next morning. As for the wacky world of dating, especially online dating, Soylent has been a major conversation starter, I am just up front with them on my profile and say I only eat a couple of meals a week, and the rest is a liquid vegan diet. I don’t know if they are just there for the freak show, or really interested in it, but it seems to really grab people’s attention, and no one has said, no thanks because of it. This morning I weighed 175, down from 188, and still no exercise, just been so overwhelmed with the interview and other changes in the last month. I feel like when I do start working out, it is going to be a major change very fast. Thanks for reading!

11-19-14 So now I have no idea what day or week I am on with soylent, guess I could go do the math, but whats the fun in that. 1.1 was a hard switch, but now it taste like soylent, it just doesn’t stay mixed all that well. I had a couple of bad weeks having Soylent only for breakfast and lunch, but now I am back on it 100%. The weight tracker is now down 14 pounds, and I have yet to get motivated to start exercising, I think once I do it is going to be a huge change. I still feel great, and all of the good effects are still there. The one thing that I am having issues with, is it is freaking COLD here in Nebraska, and I miss having something warm to eat. It always seemed refreshing to warm up from the inside out, and no I am not going to try hot soylent, I assume that would be terrible! No new video, as its all about the same as before. I still don’t ever see going back to 100% food, there is something that Soylent gives me that I can’t explain, it could just be a placebo effect, or the fact that I am getting everything I need for once, but I just look forward to drinking it.

January '15

Hey everyone, been a long time! So the holidays were a bit of a pain, but still going strong on Soylent, I cannot start my day without it. Something I have noticed, which I think is by far the most amazing thing I have seen so far on Soylent, I have not been sick! This entire time I have yet to catch a cold, which is amazing for me as usually with seasonal changes I get really sick. But nothing so far in the last 4-5 months.
Life has been changing rapidly, with my new job, a new car, moving in a few months. So I have not really had a whole lot of time to sit down and put my thoughts together. I seen the announcement yesterday about the funding and I am thrilled, because the long term looks so much better now. The #pause process Soylent has put together for shipping is working great, as I tend to only use 3 weeks worth in a month. I just want to say thank you to the Soylent team, I have never felt better!
1.2 has been amazing, and I am about to start on 1.3. Just looking forward to really tackling my ambitions for this year with Soylent, and hopefully be able to show the changes.

Jan 28th

Call it lack of willpower, or a void that soylent can’t cover, but these last two weeks I have been eating traditional food like crazy, as I have been extremely upset. As some of you who watched my earlier videos may have seen, a fat cat usually came into view, or down the stairs to be in the video. Unfortunately two weeks ago she became extremely sick out of nowhere and had to be put down. It’s probably the inner fat guy that I have been fighting for my entire life that took hold, and all i could think about was food for the last two weeks. It was what I always ran to when I was down back when I weighed 240 lbs, and it won again these last two weeks during this time. Losing a pet that I had for 8 years just ripped me apart, and soylent wasn’t cutting it. Today I am back on track, fighting the urge to get food, and get back into the rhythm of soylent. The sad thing is, I felt terrible on traditional food, and still kept coming back to it. Its a bad addiction to fatty crap when you are feeling down.

Fortunately I just signed my lease for a new apartment, my building is right next to a massive 18,000 sq ft gym, and it is time to kick myself in the ass and get to the point I want to get to, not going to let this setback over the last two weeks take hold.


I always want more experience stories.


Feel better soon Neebs!


Update in first post, along with new video, feeling fantastic!


New update, better title to not put people off, no new video for today, but I had to report this now, just because its weird how fast it has happened, and wanted to see if anyone else noticed the same changes?


Jesus. Eight cans of Coke a day?

No wonder the improvement was drastic on Soylent. :smile:


How about filming these updates in the afternoon, or evening, or anytime other than the morning. We’d like to see more pep. Just a suggestion…


I’m not sure that will help pep, I’m pretty mellow monotone, ha

And yes I had a coke zero problem, glad I’m off of it now


New video, and update, sorry I still haven’t got that pep :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing, Neebs! I don’t mind the level of pep. :slight_smile:


Love the cat photobomb. :heart_eyes_cat:


Lessons learned today, no new video of my cat trying to get in the shot :slight_smile:


I’m back! New video, new update. New me.


Nice update, your best video yet. Glad to hear things are going so well. Let us know how the flavor of Soylent 1.1 compares to the original once you get it…


Long time since I have updated, but I have had many things going on, update in the first post, no new video.


Hey, congrats on the promotion.



New update, a bit about 1.1, a bit about the cold.


New update, sorry it has been so long, the holidays and promotion have really been eating up my time.


Thanks for the update. Glad to hear you are staying healthy. How is your mood? As for 1.3 I think I like it best so far.


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