Need Critiques - 1230cal Bachelorette Chow


So I’ve been working on this today and getting some great help from reddit too. Trying to customize the bachelorette chow to fit my nutrient profile.

As this is my first diy soylent & experimenting with nutrition, please help a gal out and see if I’m missing anything :smiley:

I’ll forever be grateful!

ps. Do I need the sulfur? I was told that it’s covered in the other ingredients.


Oooh, I’d love to try this recipe as well - lemme know how it goes!


Couple of points:
Feel free to omit the sulfur - you need sulfurous amino acids, not sulfur itself. If you’re getting enough complete protein you should have all the sulfur you need.

Also feel free to play with your omega ratios. There’s been quite a bit of discussion on the optimal ratio, and many people (myself included) have moved toward a 1:1 between omegas 3 and 6.

Is there a reason to have both K-gluconate and K-Cl? You already have plenty of potassium in your recipe. Omitting the K-salt will give you a little headroom on the chloride content too.

Speaking of, I would also suggest cutting K-Cl because you already have Iodized salt in there. Having two forms of salt may make things a bit… salty…

Your personal recipe is a bit high in niacin and folate. You might want to be careful there. I can’t speak to a woman’s needs for those two, but high amounts of niacin? Yeah, that’s not fun. I had a mega hot flash due to an accidental niacin overdose (I guess it wasn’t no-flush…). I thought I was dying. Or having an extremely severe allergic reaction. Prickly heat, crawling scalp, red as a volcano!

So be careful with the niacin. If your body can’t take it, believe me, it will let you know.


And welcome to the DIY community!


Thank you for such a detailed post! I removed sulfur and K-CI. I’m not sure what to change for the omegas and niacin/folate without messing up the recipe too much. Do you have any suggestions?


:smile: Don’t worry too much about the omegas. You should be fine with this recipe overall.

Since both niacin and folate are water soluble B vitamins, your body does a pretty good job flushing excess out of it’s system. As long as you aren’t chugging all of your soylent at the same time as you’re popping your multi, you should be alright.

Most of your dose of both of them come from your multi, which seems to have fairly glowing reviews overall. I wouldn’t worry.

Besides, I’m unfamiliar with the dietary needs of women, and I’m unsure whether or not the diy site properly calibrates vitamin needs in that regard. (For instance, I do know that pregnant women are encouraged to get more folic acid than the average.)


Sweet, thanks so much for the help and I’ll give this recipe a try and tweak as I go! The original recipe is based off a female version so I’m not going to worry too much.


One concern I might have is the brand of protein powder you’re using.
From the measurements here:

It looks like you might not get the full amount of protein.
Disclaimer: I am not a DIY expert, just a forum lurker. You might want to get feedback from someone else on the protein powder as well.


I updated the recipe with a different protein.


If you haven’t ordered your protein, another forum found a cheaper source, Hard Rhino, of isolate than Now. Also make sure IF you are going to buy the NOW brand, they have two types Now Whey Protein (this is a blend of isolate and concentrate) and Now Whey Protein Isolate. You want the ISOLATE.

If you buy direct from Hard Rhino, I think its cheaper with free shipping.


Sweet, I found that thread on reddit talking about hard rhino. I made an ingredient (hopefully it’s right). And updated the recipe!


I’ve done a bunch of changes to it because I didn’t realize I would have to grind the rolled oats, jeeze so much work! Anyways I updated it with bobs red mill oat flour and changed other nutrients accordingly. I’m thinking about buying all the ingredients today via amazon. SO EXCITED!

So I’m asking for a final… what do you think!? :smile:


Change the PAN, change the PAN to maseca brand. I started with PAN, it is much more coarse and definitely does not taste as good as the Maseca brand and has slightly better micros (see peoples chow 3.0.1).

Other than that looks great, I’d suggest ordering the smallest quantity available. Although it is usually not AS economical, it does allow for future modifications without being stuck with a 50lb sack of oat flour (don’t ask). Yours appears tasty but individuals do vary. If you are like many, you will want to make tweaks with different flours (oat, masa, vegetable), protein sources (soy, peanut, whey )isolate.

Also you might want to buy your masa flour and oil locally instead of shipping from amazon. I have found my grocery store stocks the exact brand and it has been considerably cheaper. Bulk items online are usually priced higher because they are heavy.


Great tips, thank you for that. I’ll be sure to buy the masa flour and oil locally. Now time to order! Thank you all for your great help!