Need feedback on the effects and impact on bowel movement



I would like to know more about the effects of Soylent, whether Soylent products or DIY versions, “complete foods”/meal replacements in general, on bowel movements

For that I need feedback from people who have used these products please, preferably from those who have eaten this type of food exclusively for at least one week

Especially on the frequency of the bowel movements, I know it does reduce it, but how much ?how often did you have bowel movement, and how often did you have before starting Soylent or when you don’t eat Soylent products ? other information, all what concerns the wellbeing of intestines is also important and welcome, like the impact on instestinal comfort, flatulence, stools consistency etc.

Also if possible please precise what product did you use

This would be very helpful for me (and all those interested in this subject I’m sure)

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to share his/her experience


I’ve done three 30 Day Challenges of making Soylent my only source of food. Outside of Soylent, I had protein powders, other flavorings, and water over the course of those challenges. I’ll have to go back and check the version for each of those months, but the only possibilities are 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, and 1.8.

Normally, I’ll poop multiple times a day (3+) when not doing these challenges (my bowels are weird), and while on these challenges I’ve generally had about three poops a day. Solid “textbook” ideal poops. Which is actually an improvement in quality for me since they are usually loose. As for gas? I don’t recall it being anything unusual.

As for comfort? Mostly fine, the only two things worth mentioning are starting a 100% Soylent diet out of nowhere and the poop. If your body has no prior familiarity with Soylent (or you just haven’t had it in a long time), then it will make you fill much more full on the inside. Is it to uncomfortable levels? Not to me, a bit weird, but not uncomfortable. As for the poop? I had massive turds that while not painful, were a bit uncomfortable on the inside prior to being released. The size presumably put a bit of extra pressure on my bowels when they were ready to go.

Hope that helps!


That helps indeed thanks, and that’s also interesting, If I understand correctly you went from 3+ to just 3, so you actually had only a slight reduction in bowel movement frequency

As for the effects in the first period when switching brutally from normal food to 100% Soylent I am not really worried about that, it’s understandable


Never really counted/monitored frequency, but I can tell you good quality stool (maybe better than normal). The switch back and forth was a little rough on the bowels when I wasn’t use to regular food, but not so much on stool quality, more in terms of GI discomfort. (Mild). Didn’t feel I was particularly gassy, but maybe should ask my wife :wink:


You don’t remember if you actually went less or more often to toilet when you were using Soylent ?

Maybe that means it didn’t actually change (much) ? Which is a little surprising, I heard it significantly reduces the bowel movement frequency, and logically it should since it is linked to the quantity/mass of food ingested per day


It’s more just something that doesn’t get filed away as a memory. Honestly couldn’t even tell you number of BMs today, let alone pre Soylent.


I went 100% powdered Soylent for 2-4 months on many occasions and didn’t notice any change in BM frequency.