Need help creating an RDI Super Database


I’ve been thinking about ways the Nutrient Profiles section of the DIY Soylent site can be improved. Right now there are lots of custom profiles, but I think a complete database of ‘official’ (government) recommendations which users can pick and choose from would be more useful.

For example, a user could choose the USDA recommendations as their default, but then override some values from another profiles, like the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations.

In order to build such a tool, I’d like to first create an exhaustive database of government RDI profiles. I’ve started it off as an open Google Spreadsheet which anyone can edit. If you’d like to help, visit the spreadsheet and start adding data :-).

Once we have some more data I can import the database into the DIY site and create a tool around it to allow an easy comparison between the different databases as well as a way to create your own customized version more easily. This would probably be an extension to the Nutrient Profile Calculator.

Of course anyone can use this database for other purposes too since it’s an open collaboration.

I’m also planning on extending the Nutritional Profiles to allow arbitrary nutrient tracking so you can start tracking whatever nutrients you like in your recipes.


Will this include updates to the existing government DRIs?


I’d like it to be a ‘current’ database which contains whatever the latest recommendations are from every government that provides them. There’s no reason not to include other official bodies too, such as the Council for Responsible Nutrition


What I mean is for the USDA DRIs for instance there is a range of values given for the carbs and fat not a single hard number. Also it appears the recommended minimum for potassium has been upped to 4.7 grams. There are a few other differences but I can’t think of them right now.


We should represent ranges in the database, yes. I’d also like to record recommended nutrient ratios too.


Will the database eventually migrate to a more traditional database system? Or will it be staying as google spreadsheet for the time being?


I made it a Google Spreadsheet so it can easily be edited by anyone and exported as CSV. With the CSV you can import it to whatever system you like :blush: