Need help identifying leaking bottle

My latest box of 2.0 arrived with clear liquid stains on the box. Upon opening the box, I found that three of the bottles had dried up spots of liquid on the bottom surface of the bottle. This indicates to me that at least one of the bottles inside the box leaked during shipping.

However, I couldn’t identify a visible leak in any of the bottles and squeezing each of the bottles did not visibly cause any liquid to come out. However, I am nervous about consuming these bottles without being able to identify the culprit – if the seal has been broken the product could have bacteria that would be unsafe to drink.

Can anyone suggest a reliable way to find the leaking bottle(s)?

??? Squeeze the bottles ???

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I did say that I already tried squeezing the bottles.

I have seen this before where the bottles only leaked when at a certain temperature. I’m not sure if there’s a reliable way to recreate the conditions that caused one or bottles to leak.

It’s possible that this clear mystery liquid is not even Soylent and didn’t come from the bottles. Soylent is a very conspicuous white color for one and none of the suspect bottles seemed low on pressure. If you open a bottle and it has a noticeably lower fill than the other 11 then that’s your culprit.


FWIW I had a box of Coffiest that had (apparently) been splashed with Coffiest, but none of my bottles were compromised. I assumed that a box above it had the issue and it leaked on my box.

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You could weigh each bottle on a kitchen scale to see if any are lighter.


That is an excellent plan!

Can also wash all bottles at same time. Good idea to do so.