Need help on calorie intake and losing weight


Hello. I know this is long but I need some help or advice.

I just started soylent 1.4 and my plan is to start off slow for the first 1 or 2 weeks so I can adjust.
I want to eat a normal meal for lunch and then have a single soylent meal for dinner. I don’t eat breakfast.
I want to see how this effects me and then from there I might replace more meals with soylent.

Anyway, I also want to try to lose some unhealthy weight and thought soylent could really help since it’s the nutrition that you need without consuming other bad stuff from food.

I’m a 22 year old female that’s about 5’3 and weighs around 150-155 lbs. I want to get back to my past weight of 120 lbs. In my current lifestyle I do not exercise and am not active at all.

With this information, how many calories am I suppose to intake in one day that’ll keep me healthy but also lose weight?

for example, say that I eat a meal of 600-700 calories for lunch and then have a half meal of soylent for dinner, which I believe is 335 calories. this equals to around 1035 calories a day. is that way too low and unhealthy? remember that I do not do any exercise what so ever

should I do a full meal of soylent instead of a half meal with would be 670 calories for dinner?

Im just not sure what’s a healthy amount of calories I should personally intake a day while being able to lose weight in the process.


Enter your stats into a calculator:

At 155 lbs you burn about 2050 cal/day. When you get to 120 lbs you’ll burn about 1876 cal/day. If you target about 1500 cal/day, that’ll get you losing about 1 lb/week, which is a pretty healthy speed.


thanks for the advice :slight_smile:


My first advice would be to have a Soylent breakfast. This will get your metabolism going for the day. My second advice would be to take at least half if not a full dose of a high end multivitamin to make sure your not coming up short there. I like Shaklee vitamins because their multi is actually 2 pills a day so if you want to do a half dose it’s easy. Beyond that just simple walking and cutting out as much snacks as you can stand.


Yes, spouse here just has Soylent for breakfast, and finds it a lot easier to eat sensibly the rest of the day than before.


I hope her physician tells her, she’s a 22-year-old woman. “Girl” is one of those words it’s okay to call each other, when you’re all the same age…


I’m not sure about the breakfast suggestion. I know a lot of people in the weight lifting world do intermittent fasting, one form of which is restricting your food intake to ~8 hours a day. Recent studies have also shown that restricting your feeding hours may help you lose weight (or at the very least, maintain). Source:

Of course, I’m not saying there’s anything with breakfast, per se. But I generally try to limit my eating hours, and because night time is when social eating (and drinking) is more likely to happen, I try to delay my first meal as long as I can, therefore allowing me to eat later.

The conventional wisdom has always been “eat early, eat often” to keep your metabolism churning, but it seems like the science is pushing back on that now, FWIW.


I’ve had good luck with Scooby’s Accurate Calorie Calculator in the past (first-hand experience). I tried typing in your numbers and got 1694-1722 calories/day to maintain bodyweight, and 1355-1377 calories/day to lose 35.2-35.8 pounds in year. You need to recalculate your numbers if you lose more than five pounds of bodyweight.

I would input your info there as I may have screwed something up, and in addition you can input more info to get better numbers.


If, as Syke calculated, you burn 2050 to stay at your current weight, then 1500 cal/day is too low. A rough rule of thumb is 3500 calories is 1lb of fat, so going 5050 calories PER DAY below the amount to maintain your current weight will lose weight very quickly, unhealthily quickly.

I’d target something like 1900 calories/day for a couple weeks and see how things go. It’s hard to measure small drops since your weight fluctuates as you eat/drink & expel, but start with that. Adjust by smallish amounts, like 1000 calories per day at most, as needed.

(Note: 1lb fat = 3500 calories doesn’t necessarily mean that eating 3500 calories less will lose a pound; your body has all kinds of tricks to adjust your energy level and burn more or fewer calories to make up for caloric intake. But still, cutting 5050 caries per day out of your diet is HUGE and possibly unsafe.)

Edit: I see other calculators put your “maintain weight” intake lower. In that case, 1500 may be OK. It’s just the 5000cal/day below that scared me! I weight 156lbs myself right now and eat around 2000 calories/day.


oh my god what a long post! thank you for your kind concern and i’m not offended with anything. personally I’d like to lose about 30 pounds and get to the weight of 120 because that’s what I used to weigh and I felt very healthy and content back then. and let me tell you, when I weighed 120 I was still plenty curvy. believe me, i’m not trying to be super skinny or like a ballerina haha. I just want to get back to the weight that I felt comfortable with in the past. but anyway, I don’t necessarily want to get into all that working out that you mentioned. when I do have time and money to start going to the gym, my plan is to run a little bit and then swim a lot. I used to be a swimmer so I really like it and it works out almost every part of your body. anyway thank you for your advice!


I think you made a mistake in there somewhere. I recommended cutting out up to 500 calories per day (either increased exercise or fewer calories eaten). That results in about a 1 pound loss over a whole week. That’s a very safe rate of change.


All that cutting that many calories will do is make you feel tired/lightheaded/bad and then your body will go into starvation mode and horde fat. It’s not recommended to lose more then 2 pounds a week and I agree with eating breakfast to kickstart your metabolism.


I think you made a typo then I didn’t notice that it was obviously a typo. You wrote “At 155 lbs you burn about 2050 cal/day. When you get to 120 lbs you’ll burn about 1876 cal/day. If you target about 1500 cal/day”, where I got the 5050 calories below maintence level (2050 - 1500). But 2050 is clearly more than a 5’3" 155lb sedentary woman needs to keep her weight constant! I think we agree, 500cal below maintenance level is good to aim for.


@wms I’m also a 5’3" female, 155 pounds. According to the link above, I’m at 2030 calories a day to maintain. According to my Fitbit, I’m at 2100 a day to maintain. Granted, I’m a little more active than it sounds like the OP is, but I think 2050 per day for her to maintain is probably pretty accurate.

Providing the 2050 number is right, 2050 - 500 = 1550 calories a day to lose weight, if she’s not doing any other activity. Her body shouldn’t go into unhealthy/starvation mode unless she’s consuming less than 1200 cals/day. That’s the minimum number of calories most women need daily.


I’ll keep it short and say, from previous experience and the information provided, I’d have to agree with others here that 1500-1600 calories per day is a great starting place and don’t attempt to go lower than 1200-1300 per day without consulting your physician.

I would also recommend having at least a small amount of Soylent for breakfast - I used to skip breakfast all the time and Soylent is a great tool to make sure you eat SOMETHING in the morning, even if it’s a small serving. It will help you maintain stable energy levels, make it easier to make good food choices come lunch time, and potentially keep your metabolism running on the higher end which could help with your weight loss goal. It also means that you wouldn’t have to drink as much Soylent in the evening, in case hitting your calorie goals at night makes you feel a little over full


You’re doing your math wrong. 1500 is only 550 less than maintenance (2050). 5050 less than maintenance would be her not eating anything and burning 3000 cal/day.


Also, another vote for 500 under maintenance every day. That’s what I shoot for, and it works pretty well for me. Enough of a deficit to see results, not so big that it’s unhealthy.


Ha! Yeah, I did my math wrong. I apologize everybody. One of the curses of dyscalculia is that I often end up embarassing myself when I do something like 2050 - 1500 = 5050. :pensive:


Huh. I’ve never heard of dyscalculia. You learn something new every day, I suppose.


I had the same reaction on these forums to the term Orthorexia

It’s really been a learning experience here :slight_smile: