Need Help, Question for Mr. Wizard types

Without going into to gross of an explanation Intestines don’t work and colostomy surgery is a complete failure. Internal sphincter doesn’t open causing permanent functional blockade. Need to be able to create something very similar to soylent without the flours they will cause way, way to much fiber and could ultimately kill me by blowing out the intestine where its reattached. I need to be able to use something like instant mashed potatoes. I’m not very knowledgeable but do know milk and potatoes do make a complete diet ( Poor but complete ). I don’t see anyone using instant mashed potatoes and they are dirt cheap. Why not and what am I not understanding ? I do realize I’ll likely have to up coconut oil to use as an energy source. For me this isn’t about creating the perfect meal replacement, It’s about creating something that will keep me alive that would ( For Simplicity ) Go through say a mostly kinked hose without clogging it. lol :slight_smile: Even the surgeons are at a loss, as reversal would be the most ideal, Well eating solid food vs. getting more butchered up just isn’t anything I’m interested in. Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

This article is mainly about this man’s journey with weight loss, but it is a an entirely potato diet, and it talks about the health impacts of doing such a diet. Sweet potatoes are specifically the best, because they are the most nutrient rich potato out there. No matter what kind of potatoes you use, you will definitely need to take some vitamin supplements and additional protein somewhere, else you’ll be losing muscle mass which can be dangerous to your health.

Thanks, I basically am going with the soylen recipee minus the cereal flours. Additional coconut oil for an energy source and some potato for carbs and avoiding going Ketonic. Amout of potato will just be dependant on how well it goes through, Thanks on th e sweet potato, I new that but it never crossed my mind :slight_smile: Would be far superior …

Sorry to hear about your problems. You said your “internal sphincter doesn’t open causing permanent functional blockade.” Which sphincter are you talking about? The one at the beginning of the rectum? I have that problem too. My large colon filled up with crap which couldn’t get past that sphincter. After a colonoscopy, the doctors said everything looked okay but had to prescribe lots of different laxatives to keep things moving. Each laxative worked for a while but eventually became ineffective. For about four years now, I have been doing daily enemas with about a quart of bottled mineral water at body temperature. The chlorine in tap water irritated my colon. So far, so good. The Internet is full of people saying not to do daily enemas, but they have saved my life. I basically consider myself a colostomy patient who needs to irrigate but can still use my “natural” hole. I don’t know how your surgical procedures have affected your colon. Can you irrigate through your stoma? The water seems to soften my stool and stimulate my colon to do enough peristalsis to get everything out. I thought at first I had to liquify my diet to help it get past my sphincter but the large colon is very good at removing water from your stool. That is pretty much what the large colon is there for, after all. So I don’t know what eating mashed potatoes would accomplish. It’s still going to turn into hard stool. I am not a doctor, but I can still remember my desperation when I was bloating up with three weeks of crap and the doctors looked at me like I was crazy. I think I know what you are going through.

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The real dietary Mr. Wizards, or Nutri-nerds as I call them, hang out on Set up an account there and you can use the recipe editing tool to construct your own recipe, with continuous readout of the percent nutrients achieved. Also browse thousands of other recipes. Look particularly for ones that use whey protein, instead of oats, corn, etc. You will probably find the lowest-fibre content is in the “Keto” recipes. Good luck.

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Stuart, Yes the internal. I’ve done the laxative thing for about 2 decades. I always look at them like their stupid. Its like if that worked would I be here. lol. Currently eating very soft foods, lota of apple sauce, stool softners and miralax. Still not really helping. I dont want to have to give myself daily enemas to stay alive really as they really don’t help. Lots of undigested food and because of the Stoma can’t take digestive enzymes. If I have it reversed also won’t be able to take enzymes for a long while as it heals. liquid is just easier to get liquid out was my thinking. :slight_smile: