Need help with my DIY recipe ingredients - Singapore

Hi all, I have made my own copy of People-chow but am not able to source all the ingredients locally (no amazon :frowning:) .
Listed below are the original ingredients that I was not able to obtain alongside the locally available replacement that I was able to source. Also with it, I have discussed the difference in the locally sourced ingredients vs what is in the original recipe

Original : Masa Harina
My replacement : Bob’s Red Mill, Masa Harina, Golden Corn Flour
Notes: based on the label, I manually keyed in the nutritional value and both are nutritionally similar, my replacement is slightly higher in iron

Original: Now Foods 100% Whey Protein Isolate
My replacement: Now Foods 100% Whey Protein Isolate
Notes: only 5lbs was available hence will use that, but my concern is based on the nutritional requirements, I will need 100g of this in my soylent daily. That seems a bit much especially when compared to the original recipe which only used 55g (half!). I am worried this much protein powder going into my system may cause some harm? any suggestions here?

Original: GNC Mega Men® Sport - Vanilla Bean
My replacement: GNC Mega Men Sport (90 Caplets)
Notes: I only get mega men sport in caplets. No powder available. And 23 caplets just seems wrong for some reason. No idea how to proceed in this respect. Help please?

p.s. : there is also the final concern that the nutritional values manually keyed in by me in the recipe might be a mistake on my part especially the values like iron which only provide a %age on the label rather than value in grams.

Thanks everyone, can’t wait to get started once all these minor doubts are ironed out.

The only problem I’ve seen with the Bob’s Red Mill Masa is that it is not as fine as some of the other choices that are commonly used, and so you may not enjoy the texture of your recipe as much.

I’m not sure why you’ve increased the protein requirements in your nutrition profile to the extent that you have. The US recommended protein for a 2,000 calorie diet is 85 grams. If you use this recommendation then you only need about 55 grams of the protein isolate.

I would use a multivitamin instead of the GNC Mega Men … taking 23 pills seems a bit ridiculous.

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You don’t need 23 caplets. The serving size is 2 caplets. You’ll need to edit your recipe to match the micros of the caplets. For example, the caplets don’t include the protein that the powder does.

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@AndyKing thanks for your response.

Please find below the results of my nutrient profile computation:

Hence my protein intake is higher than average.

Q. Which multi vitamin could I use to replace GNC mega men?

@Syke ok got it. Ill get the nutrient profile and manually fill it in myself to see if it meets all my micro nutrient requirements.


That looks good then. @Syke’s assessment of the Mega Man is what you needed … looking at the nutritional information for those indicates that the two caplets will indeed suffice. Good luck!

@AndyKing perfect thanks a ton
Will report back once I get started.