Need help with my salt calculation


Hi i have been wondering on my salt calculation feting that i have miscalculated the ratios
Im using and hoped somebody could help.

Potassiumchloride 69%, Sodiumchloride 30%. Potassium iodide. Iodide 5 Mg Per 100G.

Sodiumchloride 50%, Potasiumchloride 40%, Magnesiumsulfat 10%, iodide 5mg.

Jozo mineral salt
potassium chloride 52.445%(potassium)
1g salt=690mg(Potassium Chloride)300mg (Sodium Chloride)
690mg pcl=361mg Po & 328mg Ch

Sodium chloride 39.337%(Sodium)
1g salt=690mg(Potasium Chloride)300mg (Sodium Chloride)
300mg=118.011mg(Sodium) 181.989mg(Chloride)

1g= 509.989mg Chloride
361mg Potassium
118.011mg Sodium
5mcg Jod

Jozo: 69% kaliumklorid 30%Natriumklorid
36.1g/ kalium/100g

36.1g/Kalium 69g Potasium klorid
32.1g/klorid 69g Potasium klorid

11,8g/Natrium 30g NAtriumklorid
18,19g/Chloride 30g Natriumklorid

Seltin: 40%Kaliumklorid 50%Sodium Chloride

20.97g/Potassium 40g potassium chloride
19.g/Chloride 40g potassium chloride

19,5g/Sodium 50g
30,3g/chlorid 50g
it seams the Chloride is to much so i thing i have done something wrong in my calculations if somebody could help

ow and hers my recipe. would love if somebody just could check the salts


Not sure exactly what you’re looking for, but I’d say you have too much salt! If you’re not getting enough potassium in your recipe otherwise, you should probably find a more isolated source of potassium and use less of the other salts. :stuck_out_tongue:


i haven’t found any good sources of potassium salt in Sweden. But I’m just trying to get the right amount minerals/g

i don’t know if i have the right ratios.
i want to cheek the chloride and potassium levels in 100g of the mineral salt
if the potassium/chloride per gram and Sodium/chloride per/g

the only problem is the dame chloride