Need Help with My Soylent Recipe


Can someone take a look at my recipe… I based it off of the People Chow Recipe. I’m using some slightly different components, but I can’t get the nutritional values to balance out.

Also, what’s the suggested water content for these recipes. I didn’t see it in the People Chow recipe.

Thanks for your help!


It is probably due to the masa you are using. Is its nutritional data all entered correctly? Or is it missing stuff that the Maseca brand has? I would read through some of the comments on the People Chow recipe for more info on this. There have been a few people who have used different brands of Masa or even oat flour for some or all of the carbs with varying success.

In general, most DIY and the official Soylent recommend adding enough water to reach 2 liters for a day’s portion. But you can add more or less to your preference.


@Snowman Some of the nutrients that are listed for the masa in People Chow, aren’t listed by the Maseca brand. I understand that there are nutrients that are present, but I have a tough time putting blind faith generic nutrient listings.

Do you think switching from 100% Masa to 50/50 (Masa/Oat Flour) solve some of the deficiencies?


Sulfur will be mostly coming from your protein source - you’ll want to update the sulfur content of that ingredient based on the amount of cysteine and methionine (sulfur-containing amino acids).

Manganese can come from oats.

Potassium can come from potassium citrate (increase that).

Chloride can come from iodized salt (increase that).

Phosphorus and Iron can probably come from your masa harina, or oats. You might want to double-check the nutrition data for that.

Niacin is way too high, thanks to the high dose of GNC Mega Men Sport. You probably don’t want more than 25g of that.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


@axcho Thanks for the tips! I’m wondering if the deficiencies will cause any issues. They’re not extreme deficient and I’m guessing my recipe is more nutritionally complete than what I’m eating now. Any thoughts on how problematic the deficiencies are?

I checked the nutritional facts and they are slightly different than the generic facts listed on the USDA site.

I guess the only way to control the intake is to buy the real deal.